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Tool Lab

Tool Lab is a series that features unbiased reviews and objective tests of new and noteworthy tools.  

Nathan Gilbert setting up a Dewalt shop vac

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Tool Lab | Shop Vacuums

This Old House master carpenter Nathan Gilbert shares his favorite tips for choosing and using shop vacuums.
Portrait of Nathan Gilbert with oscillating multitools.

How to Choose and Use Oscillating Multi-Tools

TOH carpenter Nathan Gilbert shares tricks for using and selecting oscillating multi-tools.

Tool Lab: Compact Table Saws

This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert offers advice on choosing and using compact table saws.
Nathan Gilbert with laser levels

How Do Laser Levels Work?

This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert shares how laser levels work.

Tool Lab | How to Select and Use a Track Saw

Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert explains everything we need to know about track saws—including their parts, how they work, and how to use one.

Tool Lab | Drilling Into Studs for Electrical Wiring

Master electrician Heath Eastman explains how pros drill through studs for running wires through wood-framed walls.

Tool Lab | Guide to Cordless Finish Nailers

Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert has the lowdown on choosing and using the right cordless finish nailer to best suit your needs.

Tool Lab | Basic Electrical Tools

Master electrician Heath Eastman walks us through his favorite electrical hand tools that all DIYers should own.

Cordless Drills and Drivers Buying Guide

Tool Lab editor Chris Ermides explains how to choose and use cordless drills and drivers.

Understanding Battery Voltages | Tool Lab

In this Tool Lab video, master electrician Heath Eastman explains everything we’ve wanted to know about today’s power tool batteries.

Tool Lab | Miter Saw Blades

Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert discuses the main features of miter saw blades.

Tool Lab | Understanding Saw Blades

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert explains how table saw blades work and the different blade types used.

10 Items to Keep in Your Tool Belt

This Old House editor Chris Ermides shares some finds he’s come to rely on in his tool belt.

How to Use a Drill | Tool Lab

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert explains everything you need to know about drill drivers, from their history to their modern features.

A Quick Guide to Cordless Compact Routers

This Old House editor and host of our Tool Lab video series, Chris Ermides, introduces the latest in routers and provides pointers on how to use them.

DeWalt Cordless Cable Stapler Review

This Old House electrician Heath Eastman and Tool Lab editor Chris Ermides take a close look at the pros and cons of a unique, one-of-a-kind tool aimed at making electrician’s work easier.

An Easy Guide to Airless Paint Sprayers

This Old House editor Chris Ermides, host of our Tool Lab video series, looks at a new generation of painting tools.

All About the Milwaukee Second-Generation Cordless Brad Nailer

The Milwaukee second-generation cordless brad nailer shows impressive improvements over its predecessor, making it one of the best cordless finish nailers on the market. 

5 Hand Tools Worth Having in Your Workshop 

Having the right hand tools readily accessible for a project can improve your efficiency and the end result. Here’s a look at five not-so-common hand tools to have on hand.

Bosch Compact Cordless Router Review

The Bosch GKF12V-25N 12V router packs a lot of punch in a small, well-balanced footprint. See our Tool Lab review to learn more about its features, specs, and performance.

Metabo HPT: A Powerful, Versatile Compact Miter Saw

The Metabo HPT 7-¼" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw boasts impressive features and runtime, but it didn’t get all high marks in our testing. Read our in-depth review on the Metabo HPT Miter Saw to see how its features, specs, and pricing stack up.

Introducing Tool Lab: Get Detailed Reviews of the Latest Tools

Eager to learn about the latest tools? Tool Lab is a video series that features unbiased reviews and objective tests of new and noteworthy tools.

What to Know About Sliding Compound-Miter Saws

This Old House editor Chris Ermides delivers the lowdown on choosing and using these versatile power players.

How to Tune-Up and Use a Miter Saw

A miter saw is a smart tool to have in your workshop. It is often used to cut moldings, baseboards, and trim with accuracy. Read on for tips and tricks for how to safely and accurately cut with a compound-miter saw.