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A Handsome Kitchen That Handles Hard Knocks

TOH reader Linh-Co Nguyen shares how she and her husband used easy-care materials and a mix of vintage-style accents to create a family-centric kitchen

A Charming Kitchen Revamp for $1,527

Refaced cabinets and a handful of inexpensive finishing touches, like new hardware and a resurfaced countertop, update an inefficient and claustrophobic space

The $967 Kitchen Remodel

Warm brown paint, glass mosaic tile, and fresh fixtures update a drab old kitchen

A Practical Kitchen Design With Period Appeal

A 1930 Spanish Revival house finally gets the stylish, high-performance kitchen it deserves

The $645 Kitchen Remodel

Skillful surgery on the cabinets and some cosmetic changes renewed this 1920s bungalow kitchen for less than the cost of a refrigerator. Here's how the owners did it.

Simple Kitchen Design, Timeless Style

A square layout, classic white cabinets, and neutral stone counters add up to a kitchen that will stand up to decades of use without looking dated

One-Room Redos

Six smart makeovers reveal the pains and payoffs of renovating a single space

A Kitchen With the Same Old Footprint, Bold New Design

A faded 1980s kitchen gets revved up with red cabinets, high-performance appliances, and floor-to-ceiling storage

How to Afford the Kitchen You Want

Mix high- and lower-ticket products and materials to get the look you want

Kitchen Design: How to Avoid a Dozen Pitfalls

Regrets? Anyone who's ever remodeled a kitchen—including This Old House staffers—can fess up to a few. Let our hard-earned hindsight help you steer clear of similar screwups

"We Found Our Dream Kitchen on Craigslist"

TOH readers Jack and Andrea Campbell saved on their remodel by buying a complete floor model from a showroom

"We Redid Our Kitchen for $6,000"

TOH readers Augie and Emmeline Harrigan created a luxe, low-cost kitchen built with quality secondhand stuff and sweat equity

A Functional Kitchen Layout With Period Details

An inefficient, U-shape layout is reconfigured as a galley with a period look

A Small Kitchen Gains Space Within the Same Footprint

Opened-up to adjacent spaces, removed doors, and scaled-down walls and appliances made the existing footprint feel bigger

Spacious and Stylish Tudor Revival Kitchen for a 1920s Home

The walls came down and period-appropriate details were dialed up for a vintage look

A Kitchen Designer Designs for Herself

When a kitchen designer's kitchen wasn't efficient—or her style—she came up with a clever design to make the space super-functional

9 Steps to Getting the Kitchen You Want

The key: Learn how to work with your designer (start by downloading our comprehensive Kitchen Planning Questionnaire)

A Perfect Addition

The secret to enlarging a 100-year-old house? Woodwork details that blend the present with the past

Kitchen Before and After: An Affordable, Modern Makeover Opens Up a Cramped, Dated Space

When California kitchen designer Dana Jones and contractor Huck Jenkins bought their 1950s ranch, their top job was to knock down a wall and replace the closed-off kitchen with a vibrant, open, streamlined space

A Chef's Small Kitchen

Michael Lomonaco's new Manhattan kitchen has all the right ingredients to become a masterpiece.

Renovating a '60s Split Level Without Divorcing It From Its Roots

The update of a '60s-era kitchen increases the room's efficiency while retaining its period flavor