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Season 40 - The Jamestown Net-Zero House

This Old House is headed to a century-old New England cottage in Jamestown, Rhode Island, to restore the home's charm while also making it energy efficient.

Season 40 Jamestown

How to Plaster Blue Board

Tom Silva shows Kevin O'Connor the differences between drywall installation and plastering over blue board


S40 E10: Powering Net Zero

The latest episode in the 40th-anniversary season of TOH starts airing in some markets tonight. Have you seen last week's episode? Catch up, on demand


S40 E9: Designing Their Dream Home

Kevin opens the episode in Providence, RI to meet the homeowners at their architecture office.


S40 E8: Airtight House

Richard watches as the home is sealed against air leaks. Jeff reviews his pre-drywall checklist. Jeff fabricates pieces for porch columns and rails. Tom puts on shingles as the final layer of the exterior wall system.


S40 E6: Net-Zero Blanket

Roof insulation is next step at the net zero house. Richard tours the basement of The Breakers in Newport. Kevin meets Congressman Norcross at the house, who is also an electrician. Apprentices install and flash windows.


S40 E7: Modern Barn Raising

Coming up: Load center installation, correct cedar shingling, basement insulation, plan framing, beam barn raising


S40 E5: Ramp Up the R Value

Insulation is crucial to a net zero house. Jeff and the apprentices start the work. Dana shops for efficient yet decorative lighting. Tom and Jeff work with the apprentices to build false rafter tails and then install them.


S40 E4: A Charleston Family House is Reborn

New apprentices join the team in Rhode Island as the roof goes up. The house gets sheathed. It’s the finish line at Judith’s house in Charleston. Kevin and Tom take the grand tour.


S40 E3: HVAC of the Future

Framing net zero. Heat loss and gain to design a balanced HVAC system. A visit the International Builders Show. Old wiring and plumbing exposed.


S40 E2: Net Zero From the Ground Up

Shingle removal. A visit to a manufacturer of precast concrete walls. Kevin gets a tour of historic Jamestown. Foundation wall panels arrive and are placed


S40 E1: The Net-Zero Bungalow

Tom and Kevin cross the bridge from Newport, RI to Jamestown where they tour the next project—a 1920’s bungalow which will become a larger net zero house. They meet the family and builder.

How To Install a Window | Generation NEXT

Jeff Sweenor teaches the apprentices how to install a window

How Prefabricated Foundation Walls Are Poured and Installed

Kevin visits a manufacturer in Pennsylvania that makes custom insulated wall panels, the foundation wall panels arrive and are placed


How to Create a House HVAC Plan

Richard Trethewey demonstrates heat loss and gain to design a balanced HVAC system.


How to Install Wood Shingles | This Old House

Tom Silva shows the apprentices how to properly install wood shingles

Jamestown Net-Zero House | 360° Interactive Tour

Explore the 1920s bungalow featured in TOH’s 40th-anniversary season. Pan around this interactive virtual experience and click hot spots to learn more about the products and materials used to complete this Net-Zero remodel.


S40 E13: Net Zero Comes Together

Today is the day the net-zero house gets turned over to the Powers family. Kevin and Tommy pick up builder Jeff at the Idea House and drive to Jamestown for the big reveal

Design Details at the Jamestown Net-Zero House

How a husband-and-wife tag team—interior designer Dana Powers and architect Don Powers—succeeded in achieving a superefficient, net-zero home with a clean, comfortable ambience, cozy furnishings, and Scandinavian-inspired appeal

Jamestown Net-Zero House Reveal

As the Powers family moves into their renovated 1920s bungalow, it’s too early to tell if its energy-saving technologies and energy-producing systems will meet the net-zero ideal. But one thing’s certain: It’s great to be home. Explore our 40th-anniversary house project right here. MISSED THE REVEAL EPISODE ON PBS? You can watch it on demand right here at

Behind the Scenes: Jamestown mudroom

A narrow corridor is pressed into service at the Net-Zero house

S40 E12, Richard Trethewey demonstrates how ERV works

S40 E12: Energy-saving Installations

Richard demonstrates how an energy recovery ventilator works, using red and blue smoke to illustrate the flow of indoor air and outdoor air through the core of the machine.


S40 E11: Roger’s Nod to Sod

In just a few short weeks the grass will go in, and luckily Roger has a good solution. Roger joins Jenn and Kevin at a nearby sod farm where hundreds of acres of environmentally-friendly grass is grown.

40th-Anniversary Season Premiere | The Jamestown Net-Zero House

This season's project merges old-house charm with futuristic efficiency. Revisit the season premiere as we ramp up for the big renovation reveal


Better Bedding at the TOH TV Net-Zero Jamestown Project, sponsored by Saatva

Homeowner/architect Don Powers tells us why he selected Saatva’s eco-friendly mattresses for his family.

Sneak Peek: Jamestown Net-Zero House

In this season's first project house, the library's in the hallway

Kevin's Photo Albums | Getting Started in Jamestown

Our first big undertaking in Jamestown is installing the foundation for the addition on this 1920s Net-Zero bungalow. Welcome to Season 40 of This Old House! Check local listings to find us on PBS in your town

Sneak Peek at the 40th-Anniversary Season of This Old House

As we got started working on the Jamestown Net-Zero House, we met with an old adversary: ASBESTOS!

Sneak Peek: Jamestown Induction Methods

At the Net-Zero house, they’re cooking without gas

Insiders Celebrate at the Jamestown Wrap Party

Our guests got to check out the Jamestown Net-Zero House—and be part of their favorite show! See photos from the party here and scroll down to watch the video of our TOH Livestream of the event

Jamestown Net-Zero House: Little Green Giant

Traditional architectural details and a more open floor plan combine with the latest energy-saving—and energy-producing—technologies at a new This Old House TV project

Kevin's Photo Album | Introducing the Jamestown Net-Zero Team

TOH TV host Kevin O'Connor introduces you to the newest crew members and homeowners in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Tune in for the brand-new 40th-anniversary season of TOH on PBS. Check local listings

Behind the Scenes: Jamestown

At the TOH TV project house, communication takes a highly personal form