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How Prefabricated Foundation Walls Are Poured and Installed

Kevin visits a manufacturer in Pennsylvania that makes custom insulated wall panels, the foundation wall panels arrive and are placed

Adam Campbell supervises a crew that spends only a few house gluing the panels together.

Stud insulation is made out of a type of styrofoam and is cut using a CNC machine. The studs, headers and footers go into a panel form. Rebar and more insulation are placed. Concrete is then poured on top of the insulation and down into the studs, headers and footers. After setting for one night, the walls get stripped from the forms, hooked up and loaded onto a truck to go to the jobsite.

After a trip from Pennsylvania the foundation walls arrive in Jamestown. Kevin and Tommy find out how Jeff and his team have prepared for the installation. Each panel is lowered in by crane. Adam Campbell from the manufacturer supervises a crew that spends only a few hours gluing this foundation together.