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Mark McCullough


Talent Shoot 2021, Studio, Portrait Chad Griffith

As Mason on This Old House and Ask This Old House, Mark McCullough demystifies the world of stone, brick, and concrete for millions of viewers across the country.

Mark first appeared on the This Old House East Boston project in 2006, where he showed Kevin some techniques for patching crumbling stucco. He has since been a more regular presence on This Old House, working on both local renovations and even traveling to job sites in Detroit and Charleston. He began making house calls for Ask This Old House in 2017.

Since 1992, Mark has owned and managed MJM Masonry in the Boston area. His team has worked on residential and commercial projects of all sizes, including many of an historic nature in some of the original neighborhoods of Boston. Mark always emphasizes safety first on any project, an ethos that he drills into his team.

Mark and his wife live in a suburb west of Boston in a home with plenty of stone features and even a few chickens in the back yard.

Follow Mark on Instagram - @markmcculloughtoh.