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S40 E3: HVAC of the Future

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In this episode:

Kevin arrives as framing the new addition is just underway.

Jeff shows Kevin how he’s framing this net-zero house with studs placed farther apart than the traditional practice, decreasing the amount thermal bridges will allow for heat to escape. Kevin helps him build a wall with insulated headers.

They also frame the corners differently to allow for more insulation.

Richard demonstrates heat loss and gain to design a balanced HVAC system. With a model of the new project house, he shows what sun exposure and ventilation can do to a building.

He and Donald take a trip to the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida to see the latest technology.

Now that the project house is opened up inside, Jeff points out a plumbing error made long ago.

Electrician Ben Giles shows Kevin old knob-and-tube wiring that was still in use until demolition started. He will soon strip out all the old wiring.

Original Air Date: October 21, 2018 Season 40; Ep.03 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Electrician | The Jamestown Net-Zero House
Contractor: South Shore Electrical Contractors

International Builders’ Show
Side Trip: International Builders’ Show (IBS)