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S40 E7: Modern Barn Raising

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In this episode:

With rough electric in at the Idea House, electrician Ben Giles is getting ready to install the load center. Kevin finds him in the basement where he is working with a new panel he hopes will make installations easier.

Tommy works with the apprentices to start nailing cedar shingles to the roof. He explains how to keep the shingles from rotting from the underside out. He shows them how to space and nail in the starter course and following rows on either side.

The concrete slab and foundation walls of the old basement had no insulation. Kevin finds Jeff as he fixes the problems at both areas.

Now is the time to prep the future cabinet sites before drywall is installed. Tommy shows apprentice Mary how he likes to use 2x stock for blocking behind cabinet walls.

The house will have no south-facing roof area, and that’s a problem because solar panels are essential to the homeowners’ net-zero goal. To solve that problem, Donald has decided to build a barn with a large south-facing roof. Kevin meets Paul Baker, who tells him about the post and beam barn kit. It has been precut at a facility in Connecticut, delivered to the site in sections, and will be raised today. Donald is also there to help.

Original Air Date: November 15, 2018 Season 40; Ep.07 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Air and water barrier
Manufacturer: GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace Residential Building Materials)

Cedar Breather
Manufacturer: Benjamin Obdyke

Cedar Roof Shingles
Supplier: Liberty Cedar

Electrician | The Jamestown Net-Zero House
Contractor: South Shore Electrical Contractors

Idea House Load System
Manufacturer: Leviton

Mineral Wool Insulation
Manufacturer: Rockwool

Post & Beam Barn
Contractor: Country Carpenters

Roof Cleaning System
Manufacturer: CopperCat