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Behind the Scenes: Jamestown

At the TOH TV project house, communication takes a highly personal form

Architect/homeowner Don Powers is a great believer in the personal touch when it comes to creating a home.

Case in point: Every evening, he and his wife, Dana, and their two sons stroll over to the Jamestown Net-Zero House construction site (from their current home around the corner) to check on its progress. While he’s there, Don has made a habit of leaving handwritten notes, often accompanied by small drawings, for the Sweenor Builders crew.

Sometimes he finds a question written on a stud by a crew member, and Don answers in the same method. He even leaves notes on the laminated floor plan that has been on location since the work began. “It has been so easy to exchange ideas and work through decisions in this manner,” says Don. “We really look forward to getting here every evening.”