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S40 E6: Net-Zero Blanket

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In this episode:

The insulation saga continues with the net-zero project. Kevin finds Jeff and apprentices Kevin and Mary creating a special insulation panel of mineral wool and sheathing to cover the old and new roof.

Most Newport visitors take a tour of the great mansions to check out the elaborate designs and fabulous furnishings. Richard takes a different kind of tour in the bathroom and basement of the grandest mansion of all, The Breakers.

There are 211 lawyers in Congress but only one electrician. Congressman Donald Norcross comes to the project to help electrician Ben Giles with rough wiring. The Congressman is a supporter of the Generation NEXT initiative.

An electricians’ class from a local VoTech school also visits the job site.

Seriously efficient windows are going in and Jeff has an installation lesson for the apprentices. He shows them the triple-paned cutaway with two cavities that are filled with gas for heat resistance.

Installing the double hung windows completely square is crucial. Jeff shows the apprentices a new way to flash the windows using a stretch tape that makes sealing the corners easy, and then the first window goes in.

Insulation does not stop on the outside. Preparations are being made in the attic to insulate from below. Kevin finds Tom Kelly and the foam team getting ready to spray closed and open-cell foam in the bays.

Original Air Date: November 8, 2018 Season 40; Ep.06 23:43

Products and Services from this episode

Air and water barrier
Manufacturer: GCP Applied Technologies (Formerly Grace Residential Building Materials)

Chariho Regional School
Expert assistance: Chariho Regional School

Electrician | The Jamestown Net-Zero House
Contractor: South Shore Electrical Contractors

Electrician’s Congressman
Expert assistance: Congressman Donald Norcross

Energy Efficient Windows
Manufacturer: Humphrey’s Window and Door Design

Mineral Wool Insulation
Manufacturer: Rockwool

Spray foam insulation
Installer: Ecologic Insulation

The Preservation Society of Newport County
Side Trip: The Preservation Society of Newport County

Tour of The Breakers
Side Trip: The Preservation Society of Newport County