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Sneak Peek: Jamestown Net-Zero House

In this season's first project house, the library's in the hallway

Instead of a plain passageway on the second floor of their 1920s bungalow, the homeowners of the Jamestown Net-Zero House had something a little more interesting in mind: They created a library.

Making use of the two sections of the hallway flanking the door to the kids’ shared bathroom, homeowner/architect Don Powers designed bookshelves calling for the same quartersawn white oak that is used throughout the house for the kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

The bookshelves stretch from floor to ceiling—even filling in the area above the bathroom door—and hold a collection of favorite books from every member of the family. Not only do the bookcases add storage and replace the need for a finished painted wall, they create the look of a room instead of a hallway.

As a final touch, Don Powers and his wife, Dana, chose a rolling library ladder and had it installed on a steel rod along the bookcases—meaning every volume is within reach.