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Basics of Home Warranty Roof Leak Coverage

Are roof leaks covered under a home warranty? Keep reading to learn about home warranty roof coverage and how to protect your roof over the long-term.

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Most roof leaks aren’t covered by home insurance, but there are some home warranty plans and providers that do cover roof leaks and repairs.

Are Roof Leaks Covered Under a Home Warranty?

If you’re unfamiliar with a home warranty, this is an annual service contract that covers repairs or replacements on major home systems and appliances like your clothes washer, water heater, air conditioning, and plumbing system. In addition to protecting these items, a home warranty covers optional items like swimming pools, well pumps, and roofs.

While there are some home warranty companies that cover roof leaks, this type of coverage is usually optional or listed as an add-on that you must pay extra for when you sign up for a policy.

Cost of Roof Repairs

The cost to repair a roof will depend on the size of the area that needs repair, the steepness of the roof, the roofing material, and the severity of the repairs needed. Roof repairs can be one of the most expensive home repair costs. Depending on the size of your house, they can cost a few thousand dollars without a warranty or protection plan.

Which Home Warranty Companies Provide Roof Coverage?

Choice Home Warranty, Select Home Warranty, and The Home Service Club all offer roof leak coverage to customers.

Below you’ll find roof leak coverage specifics for the companies that provide this type of home warranty coverage.

  • Choice Home Warranty: Best Repair Guarantee—In Choice’s sample contract, it explains that repairs of shake, shingle, and composition roof leaks for single-family homes are covered, but foam roofs, tar and gravel roofs, Masonite shingles, gutters, and partial roof replacement are not covered.
  • Select Home Warranty: Lowest Deductible—With Select, roof leaks on single-family homes are covered, but patios, metal roofs, shingles, and structural leaks aren’t covered. Select also doesn’t cover repairs that require a partial or complete roof replacement.
  • Liberty Home Guard: Most Trusted—Liberty Home Guard offers new customers free roof coverage when they purchase a plan. The limited roof coverage includes roof leak patching on the occupied living area of your home. It does not cover metal roofs, shingles, gutters, flat roofs, skylights, flashing, satellite, or chimney components.
  • The Home Service Club: Quickest Coverage—The Home Service Club covers leaks that result from rain or normal wear and tear. It does not cover foam roofs, structural leaks, or improper installations. Note: The Home Service Club will pay up to $1,000 per contract term for roof leak repairs.

We recommend getting a quote from the above providers so you can compare your options, negotiate better deals, and find a home warranty plan that fits within your budget.

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How to Maintain Your Roof

Since your home warranty will cover only normal wear and tear damage on your roof, it’s important to take care of your roof year-round. Below are just a few tips to help you keep your roof in good shape:

  • Clean your gutters at least twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall. Leaves, dirt, and other debris can build up in your gutters and prevent rainwater from draining properly. If your gutters get too backed up, it could lead to water damage around your roof and cause your gutters to burst.
  • Avoid walking on your roof, as this could damage shingles, and use a ladder instead.
  • Trim tree branches near your home to prevent them from hitting your roof.
  • Clean roof shingles once a year and remove any moss or mold you find. Use a moss removal solution and a soft-bristled brush instead of using a pressure washer, which can lift up the shingles and damage your roof further.

FAQs: Home Warranties and Roof Coverage

Is home warranty roof protection worth it?

If you want to have extra protection for your roof and don’t want to pay expensive repair costs, having roof coverage is definitely worth it. Many homeowners find that making a monthly payment of $30 to $80 is far more predictable than facing much larger expenses unexpectedly.

How long does home warranty roof coverage last?

Home warranty roof coverage lasts as long as the home warranty policy lasts, which is typically a year. If you have a multi-year plan, roof coverage will last until the policy expires.

Can you buy roof warranty coverage at any time?

Yes, you can add on roof coverage when you sign up for a home warranty or you can choose to add it on later.

How do I request service on my roof with a home warranty?

If you have a home warranty and notice your roof is leaking, and the cause is from normal wear and tear, file a claim with your home warranty provider. The company should get a contractor out to you within 48 hours to assess the damage. When the contractor arrives at your house, you’ll be required to pay a service call fee, which is an amount set by your provider when you purchase a policy. This fee typically ranges between $75–$125.

What does home warranty roof coverage include?

Roof coverage will cover leaks that have occurred due to normal wear and tear. Any leaks that are caused by construction, poor maintenance, people standing on the roof, or natural disasters will generally not be covered. Read your home warranty contract before filing a claim to figure out what is and isn’t covered.

Does homeowners insurance cover roof leaks?

Homeowners insurance may cover roof leaks and other roof damage if the cause is due to fire, wind, or hail damage.

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