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PVC or plastic 2 x 4 for framing

Hi everyone.  I am enclosing a garage door and converting it to living space.  However, I am affraid that water may try to seep under the stud wall because the concrete is extended outside of the garage and it is too costly to try to remove the concrete in order to create a drip edge.

On a couple of episodes of TOH, I saw Tom use some plastic or PVC dimensional lumber in some places where it was really wet.  However, I cannot find any PVC 2 x 4 at Lowes or Home Depot.  The biggest they have is 1 x 4.

Does anyone know where I can buy that in Tucson AZ, or even online?


Re: PVC or plastic 2 x 4 for framing

Hi Bryan,

If you think lumber made from PVC is expensive, wait until you have to replace all that work because water came and damaged everything. I suggest that you take the time now to fix the concrete correctly, then you will not have any issues in the future.

I would think that you should be able to diagonally cut the concrete foundation at the edge so that you can get better water run off.

I would look online for things like that. The ugly Big Box stores would not have anything like that. I do not shop at either. I live in a small town, so I order everything online and have it delivered. Saves time, and I get exactly what I need.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: PVC or plastic 2 x 4 for framing

I don't think the pvc lumber is expensive.  Spending $10,000 to have the concrete broken up and removed is what is expensive.  Unfortunately that is far beyond the budget.

Yes, I am looking online for pvc 2 x 4, but I haven't had any luck finding anything.  That is what I am asking.  Where (either online or at a local store) can I find pvc 2 x 4.

Re: PVC or plastic 2 x 4 for framing

Bryan, Home Depot does sell 2x4 PVC lumber, but it's a special order, they don't carry it on the floor.

But like Andy said... it's expensive. About $99 a board.

You'll want to go to customer service, or the special order desk which is usually just to the right of the bulk item check-out / garage door. Just tell them what you want, they can look it up and price it out for you.


Otherwise, if you want cheaper, you can always go with this company:



My neighbor in Florida had purchased from them in the past. Their products are all made from recycled bottles and stuff. The grade of materials are not as high-quality as the smooth PVC boards that you'll find in Home Depot's PVC jamb kit, etc. But, it'll still work. You'll want to use something like liquid nails between the 2x4 and the concrete. The next home owner will hate you, but... hey... you won't get any leaks.


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