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big water leak in slab foundation

Our plumbing is in our slab foundation but we can hear water flowing after the valve is shut off. A leak detection company verified we have a big leak but could only pinpoint the location as to a general area. Any suggestions as to locating the definite spot, how to tear up the slab without doing more damage and how to repair the leak? Thanks

John Maynard
Re: big water leak in slab foundation

I would use a concrete saw to get down to the problem area. You should be able to cut out the bad section and then refit it with new pipe. You should probley check and see if the water has washed away any of the fill that is under the slab also. If so you may have some bigger problems to go along with your leak.

Re: big water leak in slab foundation

I haed a similar problem in my laundry room. It was easier and cheaper to install pvc piping than to cut up the concrete slab.
If you have the old gray tubing in the slab chances are it will leak somewhere else later on. The hot water leaked first, then the cold water about a week later.

wet mike

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