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Palmetto Solar Review (2024 Guide)

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Author Image Written by Tamara Jude Updated 04/17/2024

Palmetto Solar standouts as one of our most recommended solar companies thanks to its focus on available customer support and enhanced system protection. Our team spent 60 hours analyzing and ranking solar providers based on factors such as comprehensive warranties, responsive customer support, and extensive solar offerings. 

Read our review of Palmetto’s services, warranties, and protection plan to decide if it is the right solar provider for your home.


Available in 19 States:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia

  • Offers an additional protection plan with active monitoring and discounts
  • Provides an online solar savings tool
  • Protects solar panels with a 25-year output warranty
  • Doesn’t provide financing information on its website
  • Requires an additional monthly fee for active monitoring

Palmetto protects its systems with 25-year product warranty and 10-year workmanship warranty

Financing Options:

      • Full purchase 
      • Loan
      • Lease 
      • PPA

What Do We Think of Palmetto Solar?

Palmetto Solar offers exceptional customer support through its various support team channels and with its comprehensive system protection plan. It’s one of the few companies to provide various contact methods to make it easier for customers to get system and account assistance. The company also offers a comprehensive protection plan to ensure your system remains protected throughout its lifetime. 

Unfortunately, Palmetto offers limited details about its solar panel catalog and homeowners must schedule a consultation for more product information. The company doesn’t offer energy storage or electric vehicle (EV) options with its installations. In addition, Palmetto will provide its no-cost protection plan through 2023 before charging monthly for these added services.

Compare Palmetto to Other Solar Companies

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10–25 years Full purchase, loan, lease, PPA GET QUOTE
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25 years Full purchase, loan, lease, PPA GET QUOTE
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Note: In July 2024, SunPower notified dealers it would be halting all new shipments and project installations. The company also noted it would “no longer be supporting new Leases and PPA sales nor new project installations of these financing options

What Solar Services and Panel Options Does Palmetto Offer?

Although Palmetto Solar does not disclose its exact panel brands, it does state that it uses all-black premium solar panels with efficiency rates greater than 19.8%. Typically, these types of panels are monocrystalline, which offer the best energy production, life span, and energy savings. Previously, the company offered Q Cell and REC panels, some of the best residential panel brands available. Palmetto uses SolarEdge inverters for its solar panel systems. This component helps convert direct current (DC) energy received from panels into alternating current (AC) electricity for your home’s use. 

The company doesn’t have an in-house installation team and uses third-party installers instead. Palmetto remains the primary contact for its installations and provides ongoing project status updates. The company handles additional solar services, such as active system monitoring, remote panel diagnosis, and service alerts. 

Palmetto also provides several contact methods, making it easier to get assistance with account or system issues. Homeowners can reach the customer support team via phone, email, online chat, or the company’s dedicated app. Our team found the online chat was the quickest contact method, with a rep responding to our inquiry after just a few minutes.

Palmetto Solar has accreditation and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).* Many customers praise Palmetto for its timely project updates and equipment quality. Negative customer reviews point out long waiting periods for activations and equipment repairs.

Check out what Palmetto Solar customers say about their experiences below:

Positive Reviews

“Palmetto has kept me well informed about the project and the next step [in] the entire process. I am very happy with the end result. it did take a bit longer than I anticipated but well worth it! Palmetto is always quick to respond to any questions. My solar panels are producing above my expectations. So happy I went with Palmetto.” — Kay G. via BBB

“Most professional installers I’ve ever encountered. Everything was fully explained to me on how my system works, and they thoroughly cleaned the work area. The staff constantly kept me in the loop on all the steps that would be taking place from beginning to end and I’m very happy with the service I received.” — Brayell J. via BBB

Negative Reviews

“Our system was installed in January. Started to fail in May-June. Stopped working completely due to a defective inverter made by SolarEdge. Critical system failure. A replacement inverter shows up in October. Meanwhile, my power bills continue. [The] system does not work. Palmetto contracts with Sunnova to install the inverter. Sunnova misses 4 appointments. Nothing happens with this company once they sell you a system. Palmetto, Sunnova and Solar Edge should be avoided. They do not stand by their products and services. Avoid these companies.” — Mike S. via BBB

“Palmetto installed my panels on Dec 20th, 2022. Everything was fine. They just needed to have it inspected after that. However, they will not call the permit office to schedule a final inspection. I have sent multiple emails and called. I sent them the permit office # and permit #. They said they would take care of it at first. More than 1 month has gone by, and still waiting. Now they are not responding at all. The permit office even left Palmetto a voice mail, no response. So I can’t use the system. This just requires a 15-minute call to the permit office. With service like this, the company will not be around long. I would not use them.” — Dennis M. via BBB

What Are Palmetto’s Payment Options

Palmetto customers can choose from the following solar panel financing options:

  • Cash payment: Homeowners pay the up-front costs for their new system. This payment option qualifies you for incentives that help lower your solar panel system costs.
  • Solar loan: You pay a monthly fee to own the panels while benefiting from other solar incentives. 
  • Solar lease: Solar lease customers benefit from solar energy without owning the panels by paying a fixed monthly rate with little to no money down. However, leasing disqualifies you from certain state and federal incentives.
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA): With a PPA, customers pay a monthly fee based on energy used by their leased solar panels. This option also disqualifies you from additional solar incentive savings

What Are Palmetto’s Warranty Options?

Palmetto offers several warranty protections with its comprehensive Palmetto Protect plan. Below is a warranty coverage breakdown: 

  • Manufacturer’s warranty: The company includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty for its panels, covering any defects related to its manufacturing. This coverage length aligns with the average panel life span and is typical with most solar companies. 
  • Inverter warranty: The 12-year inverter warranty protects against any performance issues and matches the typical inverter coverage. 
  • Workmanship warranty: Homeowners receive a 10-year workmanship warranty that covers any problems originating from a poor installation. Although 10 years is typical warranty coverage, some providers offer 15 years or longer for workmanship warranties. 
  • Roof penetration warranty: This five-year roof penetration warranty protects against leaks caused during the installation process. Roof leak protection is rare among solar companies, so homeowners benefit from this added coverage.

According to the Palmetto Solar site, Palmetto Protect comes free of charge with customer accounts through 2023. After that, homeowners must pay additional monthly charges to continue the coverage plan. The company has not disclosed the monthly rate for this service plan.

What Is Palmetto Solar’s Installation Process?

Here’s an overview of Palmetto’s typical installation process. 

  1. Consultation: Palmetto begins the process with an at-home or virtual consultation with a Palmetto salesperson. They review your current electrical infrastructure and consider factors such as roof size, roof slope, and your monthly electric bill before designing a system.
  2. Financing: The Palmetto rep helps you select the right financing options based on your budget. 
  3. Survey and design: Palmetto creates a system specific to your home. The company also takes care of acquiring permits based on your state requirements and system needs.
  4. Installation: When the design and paperwork requirements are complete, installation begins and may last several days. Palmetto works with local officials and your utility company for final approvals and activation.

Is Going Solar Worth it?

Factors such as your home’s location and energy requirements affect whether solar is worth the investment. Consider the following factors before purchasing a solar energy system. 

  • Energy usage and electricity rates: Solar energy helps offset energy costs and lower your monthly bills. Homeowners with high electricity rates and energy use benefit most from a solar energy conversion. If your home uses little electricity or local rates are very low, you won’t experience significant cost savings by switching to solar energy. 
  • Financing options: Investing in solar panels requires a significant investment, so you should consider the best financing options for your budget. Cash payments and solar loans offer the best financial benefits since they qualify you for federal and state solar incentives. They also provide the best solar payback period, or time it takes for your system to pay for itself in energy savings. The typical payback period takes six to 10 years, but may vary based on your system costs, panel quality, and financing option. 
  • Local climate: Solar panels work best in sunny environments with limited cloud cover. Although panels continue working on cloudy days, their energy production will drop. Homeowners living in areas with ample sunlight will enjoy maximum cost savings with solar energy. If your area experiences frequent cloudy days or inclement weather, you won’t benefit from the same energy savings. 
  • Roof space: Depending on your selected panels, you may need ample roof space for your solar installation. Homes with complicated roof designs that include skylights or chimneys may have limited space, reducing your panel installation and overall solar savings. 
  • Solar incentives and rebates: Incentives, credits, and rebates vary from state to state. We recommend taking advantage of these incentives to reduce installation costs. While some areas offer several incentives to encourage solar conversion, others provide little to no support for residential solar panel installations. 

Solar Incentives and Rebates

Federal and state incentives help homeowners convert to solar energy more affordably. The federal solar tax credit reduces installation costs by 30%. Eligible system equipment includes traditional solar panels, solar shingles, and standalone energy storage. You receive a tax credit that applies tax time to any owned federal taxes. 

Some areas offer state tax credits for solar system conversion. Additional savings include sales or property tax conversions and city-based solar rebates. Utility companies may offer net-metering programs that allow homeowners to send excess energy back to the grid for bill credits. Homeowners should visit the Database for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency for up-to-date state incentives in their area.

Our team also created comprehensive state solar incentive guides below to find the best incentives for maximum savings.

Our Conclusion

Palmetto Solar offers peace of mind with its extensive customer support contact options and extended system protections. Although the company doesn’t offer additional system add-ons, it offers high-performance panel options and long-term system protections to ensure you earn excellent solar savings. Based on our customer review analysis, Palmetto Solar experiences delays with its installation process, so keep this in mind when considering their services. 

We recommend getting quotes from at least three different solar companies and comparing their costs, warranties, and product options.

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FAQ About Palmetto Solar

What tax incentives and rebates are available for solar panel installation?

The federal government provides a solar tax credit equal to 30% of your solar system installation costs. Additionally, there are qualifying rebates and incentives based on your state. To learn about solar policies and incentives in your state, visit the Database for State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.

How can you prepare your roof for solar panels?

If installed by a licensed and professional technician, solar panels won’t damage your roof. However, the average lifespan of solar panels is around 25 years, so if your roof is worn and needs to be replaced soon, consider replacement before solar panel installation.

Do solar panels increase the value of your home?

According to a Berkeley Lab study, home buyers are willing to pay $15,000 more for a home with an average-sized solar energy system.

What panels does Palmetto Solar use?

Per the Palmetto Solar website, the company uses all-black solar panels with efficiency ratings higher than 19.8%. The company does not state the specific brands, so homeowners must request a consultation for full product details. 

What is Palmetto Protect?

Palmetto Protect refers to the company’s monthly subscription plans that provide 24/7 monitoring, system alerts, and remote diagnosis to keep your system in excellent condition. This service also includes warranty coverage for roof leaks, manufacturing detects, inverter protection, and installation issues. Palmetto Protect Essential is offered at no cost through 2023, but will require monthly subscription fees after that deadline. 

Where is Palmetto Solar located?

Palmetto Solar is located in 17 states, headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Our Rating Methodology

We are committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. After over a thousand hours of research on solar companies, interviews with experts, and common customer needs, we’ve created a detailed rating system for solar providers based on six factors:

  • Solar equipment, installation, and services (25%)
  • Warranty and performance guarantees (25%)
  • Brand reputation and certifications (15%)
  • Financing options (15%)
  • Experience (10%)
  • Availability (10%)

Total scores are divided by 20 for a final 5-point rating scale.

To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews team at reviews@thisoldhousereviews.com.