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3 Best Solar Companies in Utah (2024)

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Solar energy growth has been slow in Utah, but state lawmakers are determined to reach their goal of 20% clean energy use by 2025. The state has been shifting from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy and has introduced several solar incentives to make solar power more appealing to residents. Utah also averages around 230 sunny days per year, making it an ideal place for a solar power system. 

We are committed to helping you find a leading solar energy company for your home. Read our roundup of the top providers in Utah, whether you live in Salt Lake City, Provo, or St. George.

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Utah’s Top Solar Energy Companies:

Most Reputable: Blue Raven Solar
Best Solar Backup Options: Smart Wave Solar
Best Solar Tech : Tesla

Our Top Solar Company Picks for Utah

Blue Raven Solar Most Reputable
  • Why We Picked It: Blue Raven understands the importance of having the right financing options. As such, it has an in-house financial program to make its solar systems more affordable. It also offers new customers 18 months of free solar energy.
Pros and Cons
Pros 18 months of free solar with BluePower Plus+ program $250 customer referral bonus $0 down for consultation, design, and installation Cons Only two financing options Service area limited to Orem and Salt Lake City
Blue Raven Solar Details

Blue Raven Solar is a full-service solar provider. The company designs its systems and handles permitting, installation, paperwork, plus any engineering your system may require. The company also assists with applying for solar incentives that reduce installation costs. Additionally, Blue Raven offers informational resources online to help educate customers about solar energy, the installation process, and ways to reduce their energy bills.

The company backs its systems with a 25-year manufacturers warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty. You also receive a two-year production guarantee. Blue Raven will upgrade your system for free if it doesn’t perform as estimated.

Blue Raven Solar offers full payments and solar loans. Its proprietary BluePower Plus+ loan includes a five-year fixed rate and 18 months of free solar power at $0 down.

Learn more: Blue Raven Solar Review

Smart Wave Solar Best Solar Backup Options
  • Why We Picked It: Smart Wave Solar is ideal for customers who want guaranteed backup power. The company offers an emergency power supply at no additional cost, giving you peace of mind during emergency outages.
Pros and Cons
Pros 25-year output warranty Emergency power supply included with purchase In-house service techs and installation team Cons Only two payment options available Services limited to Utah County and Salt Lake City
Smart Wave Solar Details

Smart Wave Solar offers assurance that you’ll have power even in an emergency, making it a great option if your home experiences frequent outages. The company includes an emergency power supply with each solar system. It also has battery backups available to store excess power.

The company’s Emergency Ready System is one of the most unique. These systems can be fully customized to send power to your critical needs devices, whether that means charging your phone, running your refrigerator, or powering medical equipment.

Smart Wave builds its solar systems with brand-name panels from Silfab Solar, REC, and Solaria. Each system includes a 25-year warranty for equipment and workmanship. The company uses in-house solar contractors, unlike other solar companies that use third-party installers. This makes quality control easier and ensures you’ll get a tech familiar with the equipment you need installed.

Smart Wave Solar customers can purchase or finance their system, but they must contact the company to review their financing options.

Tesla Solar Best Solar Tech
  • Why We Picked It: Though best known as a leader in the automotive industry, Tesla has expanded its technological advancements into solar energy. The company offers solar power solutions throughout the country and has one of the largest coverage areas available.
Pros and Cons
Pros 24/7 remote system monitoring with mobile app 25-year performance guarantee Pricing quotes provided online Cons Customers have reported long wait times for repairs Installations outsourced to a third-party
Tesla Details

Tesla offers a selection of advanced solar technology with a minimalist, sleek design. Its solar panels have no visible lines and a low profile, making it easier to blend in with your home’s roof.

The company also offers solar roof installations, which replace your current roof materials with solar shingles. These shingles perform like solar panels but have added durability to protect your home, like traditional roofing material. Tesla solar roofs require you to replace your entire current roof, increasing your overall installation costs. You can supplement your solar energy with the company’s patented Tesla Powerwall solar battery, one of the most popular solar batteries on the market.

Whereas many solar companies won’t provide a quote until after a consultation, Tesla stands out for its transparent pricing. You simply visit the Tesla website and enter information about your home’s size and average power bill, and the company will generate a free quote. The quote includes details about your energy production and system size. You can also add Powerall storage options. All systems include full pricing details with financing options and solar incentive discounts.

Tesla offers full purchases and solar loans. It does not offer leases or PPAs.

Learn more: Tesla Solar Panel Review

Note: In July 2024, SunPower notified dealers it would be halting all new shipments and project installations. The company also noted it would “no longer be supporting new Leases and PPA sales nor new project installations of these financing options.

What Are the Solar Incentives Available in Utah?

Solar panels are costly, and you may be looking for ways to save money. Most Utah homeowners who install a solar energy system qualify for some solar rebates, in addition to the typical energy savings that come with solar power.

Those who purchase their system outright or take out a loan qualify for the federal solar tax credit. This is a tax credit equal to 30% of your solar system’s total installation costs. Those who lease their system or enter into a PPA don’t qualify.

You may be eligible for additional state-level incentives to further reduce your solar panel installation costs. Here are some of the top incentives available in Utah.

EV Charging Station Grant: Rocky Mountain Power offers a $200 grant to its customers who install an electric vehicle charging station. The grant can be applied toward the charger or its installation cost.
Solar Easement: The state’s solar easement law helps protect your investment from potential shade obstructions and even gives power to your local zoning authority to prevent homeowners associations (HOAs) and developers from prohibiting solar installations.
Net metering: Utah’s net metering program means that you get a one-to-one credit on your electric bill for excess energy that you send back to the grid. You’ll receive credits to offset nighttime and other periods when your system isn’t producing enough energy to power your home.

Our Conclusion

Utah is a great place to transition to solar power, with abundant sunlight and numerous solar incentives to reduce costs. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Utah is currently ranked 12th in the country for solar installations, and it’s committed to increasing its foothold in the renewable energy market. 

Utah has a wide range of reputable solar contractors and companies to choose from. Blue Raven offers 18 months of free solar and a variety of financing options. We do recommend getting a quote from at least three companies on this list to find the installer that best suits your needs and budget.

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FAQ About Solar Companies in Utah

Is it worth it to go solar in Utah?

Yes, it’s worth it to go solar in Utah. In fact, it’s one of the top states to go solar, with several solar incentives and plenty of sunshine.

Is net metering available in Utah?

Yes, net metering is available in Utah. Rocky Mountain Power company offers the top net-metering program in the state.

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