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S43 E31: Raise the Roof

Plumbing fixtures are chosen for the house. Then, the original foundation is repointed, and a ledger is installed on the new ICF foundation for the mudroom floor joists. Later, the crew takes a tour of a truss manufacturing facility.

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In this episode:

Work continues at the multifamily home built in the 1860s. The third floor is stripped back to its bones, revealing a woeful understructure that’s in bad shape and needs to be fixed. The back half of the house with the additions is removed, and a new ICF foundation is built.

Homeowner Evan’s mother pitches in on the work and gets a lesson on repointing the original 160-year-old foundation from builder Matt Whitbeck.

Richard Trethewey meets up with Evan and Whitney and Whitney’s mother, Susie Shafer, a licensed architect and interior designer by trade, to make plumbing fixture choices.

At the house, Kevin O’Connor lends Matt and Tom Silva a hand at installing a ledger on the wall of the new ICF foundation for mudroom floor joists.

The homeowners want to convert the third-floor area into usable living space. The solution for this is a room truss system to box out the living space while providing support for the floors and angle for the gambrel.

Just an hour north of Saratoga, Kevin gets a tour of the facility manufacturing the trusses for the house.

Original Air Date: May 26, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 31 23:42

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