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S43 E30: Secret Gardens

The crew tours local gardens while a new foundation is built using ICFs. Then, we visit a mansion once owned by the inventor of a fire hydrant valve. Finally, forms are prepped for a pour-in-place concrete staircase.

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In this episode:

Saratoga Springs is a town known for its natural springs, horse racing, and gardens. Master gardener Kim Purdy takes Jenn Nawada on a special tour of some of these gardens that are a part of an annual tour whose proceeds support women worldwide, called the Secret Garden tour.

At the house, builder Matt Whitbeck is making progress. He is building a new foundation using a material called ICFs (insulated concrete forms). It provides the form, uses concrete, and insulates all at once. He will also install a perforated pipe through the foundation under the slab to reduce radon risk in the house and collect water that may build up under the slab.

North Broadway St. in Saratoga Springs has some of the most notable homes once only afforded by Champions of the industry. Local historian Samantha Bosshart takes Richard Trethewey on a tour of one of these homes; a mansion owned by Henry Ludlow, inventor of the valve used on most modern fire hydrants.

Back at the house, Matt is working on pouring the basement entrance stairs in place with no pre-cast required. Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva assist by prepping forms.

Original Air Date: May 19, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 30 23:42

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