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S43 E34: Neighbors on Ice

In the house, coffered ceilings hide plumbing pipes, while a central staircase is constructed. A drain plain is created for the porch, and a diffusion vent is installed on the roof. The crew ends the day on the ice.

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In this episode:

The 1860s Dutch Colonial is starting to take shape. Kevin O’Connor gives a tour of the newly framed spaces including a mudroom and wide-open great room with a bank of windows, made possible due to the steel beams he and Tom Silva assisted general contractor Matt Whitbeck and his crew in installing.

What is not made possible by the steel beams is an easy run of the plumbing pipes for the primary bathroom up above. Richard Trethewey meets with plumbing and heating contractor Joel Schaperjahn to discuss his solution for this—making use of the coffered ceilings below.

Outside, a block system is used to create a drain plain to prevent moisture build-up on the old porch.

With the construction of the central staircase underway, Matt shares with Tom the benefits of using LSL for stringers over dimensional lumber.

A diffusion vent with high permeable underlayment is installed on the roof to pull vapors out of the build.

The crew ends the day in some friendly competition with the neighbors on the backyard ice rink. Homeowner Evan walks through how he constructed the DIY ice rink with Jennifer Nawada.

Original Air Date: June 30, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 34 23:42

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