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S43 E37: Smooth Finish

The crew visits a tech school. Back at the house, floors are going down, and a custom drain pan is built for the laundry room. Then, the new irrigation system is discussed, and the ICF foundation gets a stucco-like finish.

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In this episode:

Work in Saratoga Springs is starting to wrap up, as is the Center School restoration in Dracut, MA. Kevin O’Connor visits a tech school in Massachusetts where three students, under the guidance of their instructors, are constructing a table for the Centre School. The students assemble the table as Kevin speaks with Carpentry Instructor, Bruce Brown, to learn more about the school.

Back at the house, floors are going down. The homeowners have chosen a wide plank-engineered product. Flooring installer Larry Thompson discusses its benefits and how to prep for and install the product.

General Contractor Matt Whitbeck builds a custom drain pan in the 2nd-story laundry room.

Outside, irrigation installation is underway. Landscape Contractor Dave Whitbeck shows Jenn Nawada how he runs piping for the system with minimal disturbance to the turf and perennial garden.

The ICF foundation gets a stucco-like finish.

Original Air Date: July 21, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 37 23:42

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