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S43 E32: Up and Away

In this episode, the team follows up with the restoration of a schoolhouse in Dracut, MA. Back in Saratoga, the homeowners select cabinets at a kitchen showroom. Then, the crew treats mold and mildew found in the home, and Kevin O’Connor takes a hot air balloon ride.

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In this episode:

This Old House has been following the restoration of a four-room schoolhouse that is being turned into nine affordable housing units for veterans in Dracut, MA.

Great effort is taken to make the outside look as it did in 1898, including making the new chimney look old. Kevin O’Connor lends Mark McCullough a hand installing a 3/4’’ real brick veneer to the face of the chimney.

At a local kitchen cabinet showroom in Saratoga Springs, kitchen designer Sara Raeder helps Evan and Whitney select cabinets for the kitchen.

Evan plans to paint the whole house, but first, he must deal with what he believes is mold on the exterior that’s accumulated over the last 13 years. Mauro Henrique helps Evan identify the difference between mold and mildew and how to treat them without using bleach.

Each year, upstate NY is home to a balloon festival that attracts as many as 100,000 people over a weekend. While work continues at the house, Kevin sneaks away to take his balloon ride with balloon pilot Mike Delsignore.

Original Air Date: June 2, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 32 23:42

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