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S43 E39: A Legacy Restored

After 13 long months, the restoration is finally complete on the 158-year-old Dutch Colonial that has been in the same family for seven generations! Watch as the homeowners give the crew a tour of the new spaces. Then, Tom Silva presents a gift to the family to pass on to the future owners.

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In this episode:

After 13 long months and many delays, the restoration of the 158-year-old Dutch Colonial owned by the same family for seven generations is finally completed. General Contractor brothers Matt and Jason Whitbeck, along with their team of talented subcontractors, are to thank. Additionally, the homeowners put in a great amount of sweat equity to help make their dream come to life.

Homeowner Evan gives Kevin O’Connor a tour of the first floor of their house. The Saratoga Springs home now features a new wide-open floor plan and master staircase that replaced the previous seven staircases. Wrapping up the details, Matt installs a mantle over the new gas fireplace.

Evan’s mother, Susan, gives Tom Silva a tour of her apartment which has remained relatively the same. A key new feature for her space included a new smaller galley kitchen which allowed for more space for Evan and Whitney’s side of the house.

Outside, Whitney gives Jenn Nawada a tour of the backyard and shows off the over 100-year-old grapevine and peonies thriving despite the heavy construction.

Later, Kevin meets Richard Trethewey in the basement where they discuss the new HVAC and plumbing system, and the primary suite with standout bay windows is also toured.

As the team gathers in the kitchen to celebrate the completion, Tom presents Susan with a gift to pass on to the next generation.

Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 39 23:42

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