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S43 E38: Pantry Problems

The crew discusses pocket doors and advises on painting. Old chalkboards are restored at the Dracut Centre School. Then, pantry cabinets, a soaker tub, and kitchen lighting are installed at the house.

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In this episode:

It’s down to the last few weeks at the Saratoga Springs project. Flooring is down, cabinets are on-site, and on the third floor, doors are being hung, including a pocket door for the new bar room.

General Contractor Matt Whitbeck shows Kevin O’Connor different framing options for pocket doors and his preferred method.

Homeowner Evan is making headway with the exterior painting, thanks to friends and family chipping in. Mauro Henrique also chips in, offering advice on addressing the different trim detail and materials in the back for a smooth finish.

Meanwhile, Tom Silva is back at what will soon be affordable housing units for veterans at the Dracut Centre School. Architect Jay Mason gives Tom a tour of one of the units. Wanting to reuse the old chalkboards in the units, Mauro shows Tom and Jay how to clean them while still maintaining their patina and imperfections.

At the project house in Saratoga Springs, Tom assists Matt with installing the walk-in pantry cabinets.

Richard Trethewey and plumbing and heating contractor Joel Schaperjahn install a free-standing soaker bathtub with an integrated overflow drain in the primary bathroom.

And now that the kitchen cabinets are in place, undercabinet lighting is going in. Electrician Stephen Ristau shows Kevin how to install a flexible peel-and-stick version.

Original Air Date: July 28, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 38 23:42

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