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S43 E36: Watertight Doghouse Dormers

Watch as a wet tap is performed to run new water lines at the house. Then, the team installs a fire sprinkler system and a slate hearth inside. Finally, doghouse dormers are made watertight and sided.

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In this episode:

The third floor of the 1864 Dutch Colonial was quaint at best. Kevin O’Connor walks through the new space, a drastic change from the once dark area with different levels and low ceiling height.

The new space has triggered a code to add a fire sprinkler system. Kevin meets Richard Trethewey outside, where digging has begun to install a new sewer line and two new water lines—one replacing the old galvanized and lead line and another to supply the new fire sprinklers. Jerod Delaney of the Saratoga DPW performs a wet tap with a tool that has been used since the 1800s.

Inside, fire protection expert Scott Kelly explains how a fire sprinkler system is sized correctly and run, as well as the different options now available for fire sprinkler heads.

Mark McCullough assists General Contractor Jason Whitbeck with installing a slate hearth for the new gas insert fireplace.

With all the siding in and windows trimmed off on the lower level of the house, it’s time to address the dormers. Jason shows Tom Silva his method for keeping water out and his template and assembly line method for siding them.

Original Air Date: July 14, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 36 23:42

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