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S44 E8, Atlanta Postmaster’s House reveal

S44 E8: Families Meet

The 1890s Victorian house in Atlanta, once owned by South Atlanta’s first black postmaster, was a dilapidated and abandoned structure. It now has been fully restored, and the crew is back on site for a tour.

S44 E7, Jenn Nawada helps to plant an herb garden

S44 E7: Repointed and Planted

The front door is stripped of paint. The HVAC system is connected and tested. Floating shelves are installed. The brick steps are repaired. An herb garden is planted, and the custom wallpaper is hung.

S44 E6, Kevin O’Connor helps choose a front door

S44 E6: Respecting the Old

Watch as the old porch posts are repaired, and the bathrooms get a new wall treatment. Ceiling joists are left exposed on the ceiling. Then, the homeowners choose a front door and visit Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s home.

S44 E5, Kevin O’Connor learns about lightning protection

S44 E5: Whole House Protection

The interior framing of the house in Atlanta is almost complete. Then, siding is installed on the exterior. The team tours a major motion picture studio, and later, the home is protected from lightning strikes. Finally, the Dracut Centre School is restored.

S44 E4, Kevin O’Connor consults with the project manager and homeowner about kitchen layout

S44 E4: Cardboard Kitchen

The new interior spaces are toured, and the HVAC ducting is installed. Kitchen location options are explored, and the old windows are restored. Then, the homeowners’ daughter creates a 3D tour of the house.

S44 E3, Richard Trethewey at Southface Institute

S44 E3: School of HVAC

Watch as a stem wall foundation is poured and custom wallpaper is designed. The homeowner installs a vapor barrier in the crawl space and tours an outdoor school for backyard inspiration.

S44 E2, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor demo a roof

S44 E2: Unsafe Structures

It’s demolition day at the project house in South Atlanta. The homeowners’ daughter learns to use power tools to build a lending library. Then, an ivy-covered oak overhanging the roof is safely trimmed back.

S44 E1, Tom Silva talks with the builder for the Atlanta Postmaster’s house project

S44 E1: Welcome to Atlanta

It’s the start of a new project in South Atlanta, GA. The house is an 1890s Victorian that once belonged to a civil rights activist. Watch as the This Old House team meets the homeowners, builder, and project manager.

The House That Norm Built

‘The House That Norm Built’ is a one-hour tribute to Norm Abram, the man whose skills launched the longest-running home improvement show, This Old House.

S43 E39, Saratoga finale

S43 E39: A Legacy Restored

After 13 long months, the restoration is finally complete on the 158-year-old Dutch Colonial that has been in the same family for seven generations! Watch as the homeowners give the crew a tour of the new spaces. Then, Tom Silva presents a gift to the family to pass on to the future owners.