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S43 E35: Amped Up

This week, the house has undergone a dramatic transformation. The electrical and HVAC service is upgraded, and an old window gets new life. Then, host Kevin O’Connor is taught welding, and the house is ready for insulation.

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In this episode:

Over the last few weeks, the house has undergone a dramatic transformation. Kevin O’Connor walks through the changes and upgrades.

One major upgrade happening is to the electrical service. Electrician Stephen Ristau upgrades the existing 200-amp service to 400 amps outfitted with arc fault and surge protection at the service panels.

Another upgrade is installing a cold-weather heat pump designed to handle -10 degrees Fahrenheit while still maintaining full capacity. Richard Trethewey and Plumbing and Heating Contractor Joel Schaperjahn discuss the unit in detail.

Salvaged during demo for its wavy glass, General Contractor Matt Whitbeck and Kevin give an old double-hung window new life by using one of the sashes and the wood from the old maple tree.

Kevin interviews and gets a welding lesson from Francesco DelGallo, a welding student at a local trade school and a student of homeowner Evan.

Now that all mechanics are roughed in at the house, it’s time for insulation. Closed and open-cell insulation is used where wall cavities are open. A thermal imaging camera identifies empty cavities in closed walls for blown-in insulation.

Original Air Date: July 7, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 35 23:42

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