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How to Choose and Use Shovels and Other Digging Tools

Hole-digging advice with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook

All About Hydrangeas

For generations, these beloved shrubs have charmed with their big blooms and carefree nature


How to Create a Container Garden

Create and maintain a garden on a small scale, with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook


How to Build a Wheelchair Accessible Raised Garden Bed

In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook builds a wheelchair accessible raised garden.

How to Start Plant and Vegetable Seeds

From tiny sprouts a glorious garden grows. Here's how to cultivate your own—from seed

Nutrient Boosters for Cool-Weather Gardening

Fill a cold frame with these vegetables for healthy ingredients perfect in fall dishes

Dahlias: Late Summer's Drama Queens

In a showstopping array of colors, sizes, and shapes, dahlias can play a leading role in your garden's finale

Late-Season Garden Sensation

Carved out of an apple orchard, these colorful garden rooms show how fall-blooming perennials, long-flowering annuals, and a fruitful harvest can really shine in the golden light of autumn

8 Essential Elements for Planning a Cottage Garden

Now's the time to sketch out your plan for beautiful results in the spring. Here's how to get started

Best Plants for a Cottage Garden

Carry your home's cottage style through the garden with these flower options

Grow a Lush Shade Garden With Hostas

These leafy perennials are showy, shade tolerant, and a cinch to grow—and new varieties offer a wider-than-ever range of leaf color, size, and texture. Read on to learn how to pick and plant them to create a sensational landscape

Grow Fruits and Vegetables Anywhere

With smart strategies, you can raise your own harvest in any size outdoor space

Carts and Wheelbarrows

From trash to topsoil, everything travels more quickly when you stick a wheel underneath it

Best Plants for a Healthy, Organic Garden

Pair these flowers and herbs with your favorite garden growers to improve soil, increase propagation, and keep harmful insects at bay—all without the help of chemicals

How to Get More Plants at No Cost

Grow additional specimens (for free!) from ones you have on hand to fill out your garden beds or share with friends

Grow a Healthy Vegetable Garden

The benefits of vegetable gardening go way beyond cutting food costs. Here's a guide to planning, planting, and relishing your own backyard harvest

Fall Plants to Propagate For Spring

Just about any tender perennial is a candidate for snipping in the fall and replanting in the spring. Here are our 5 favorite plants to propagate in fall.

How to Place Pots

A landscape designer's top 7 tips for incorporating containers into your yard

Good Climbers

Fill your bare trellis with blooms and vines that grow vertically

Best Plants for Colorful Foliage

12 easy-care plants with dramatic leaves that dazzle

The Sustainable Garden

A homeowner turns her humble backyard into a sustainable garden filled with food, flowers, and a few farmland friends

Shrub-Type Roses

These long-lasting blooms will take you into the fall with little to no fuss

Easy Care Roses

Far from finicky, many shrub-type roses bloom all summer long with very little fuss. Here are some top choices for flower borders, hedges, and containers

Cold-Weather Plantings

Don't retire your gardening gear just because the temperature's dropped. Pot up some cold-weather plantings to brighten your home's exterior—and your spirits

Garden Hand Tools

Choosing and using tough, reliable tools that will take a beating in your yard.

Easy Houseplants

Plant expert Carrie Kelly, featured on Ask This Old House, gives advice on low-maintenance houseplants that anyone can grow

Winter Plant Tip: Buy Ugly

Dormant bare-root plants make for a wise cold-weather purchase

Drought-Resistant Ornamental Grasses

These ornamental grasses aren't only easy on the eyes; they're easy on the water bill, too

Drought-Resistant Perennials

Your garden doesn't have to be a water hog—if you plant drought-resistant perennials.

Drought-Resistant Annuals

This year, save water and plant drought-resistant annuals

Mulch Materials

This gardening essential not only neatens up your yard, it also helps conserve water and discourages weeds.

Made for the Shade

Plants that flourish where the sun doesn't much shine.