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How to Plant Authentic Dutch Flower Bulbs

Ask This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner originally from Holland plant authentic Dutch bulbs


  1. In order to get spring flowers, bulbs must be planted in the fall and overwinter.
  2. Select varieties that will offer a sequence of blooms throughout the spring season. Avoid tulips in areas with deer.
  3. Lay out bulbs around existing plants.
  4. Use a hand trowel for planting in small areas. Dig a hole that’s 2.5-3 times the height of the bulb.
  5. Add super phosphate fertilizer and starter fertilizer to the backfill.
  6. Group multiple bulbs in a hole for a fuller effect.
  7. For new planting beds, remove mulch using a steel rake, then excavate using shovels.


Roger recommends using super-phosphate fertilizer when planting bulbs instead of bone meal to discourage squirrel activity. It can be purchased in a garden center.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by Dale Design, Inc

The flower bulbs and additional footage of bulbs in flower were provided by ColorBlends and included the following varieties:
Hokus Crocus
Blue Squill
Glory of the Snow
Spanish Bluebells
Daffodil Gold Shoulder
Daffodil Stainless
Daffodil Golden Echo
Daffodil Radar Love
Daffodil Baby Boomer
Daffodil W.P. Milner
Daffodil Pink Charm
Daffodil Brackenhurst
Daffodil Kedron
Daffodil Poeticus Recurvus
Daffodil Jack Goldsmith
Daffodil Jetfire
Daffodil Rapture
Allium Gloemaster
Allium Schubertii
Allium Purple Sensation
Allium Mount Everest