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9 Best Perennial Shade Plants

There are plenty of beautiful plants that don’t need direct sunlight to thrive. The best perennial shade plants for your yard fit not only the climate but also the look and feel that you want for your yard or garden.

Low-Light Plants Great for Any Home

Want to bring life into your space? If lighting is an issue, these indoor low-light plants are best.

Perennials That Bloom Every Year

With their ornamental beauty and adaptable natures, many perennial garden favorites are worth a second look for their resiliency in an era of weather extremes.

All About Hydroponics

The basics of hydroponics explained—plus the pros and cons of gardening without soil.

Best Gifts for Gardeners (2022)

If one of your family members or friends has a green thumb, find a gift that supports their love of gardening. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the best gardening gifts on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for your loved one. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

8 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Keep in Your Home

Enjoy the natural element houseplants bring to your home while protecting your fur babies with these non-toxic options.

Best Foundation Plants for Stellar Curb Appeal

Plantings that ring the base of your home should do more than just conceal the foundation. Read these foolproof planting tips to boost your curb appeal.

How to Build a Kitchen Garden

A symmetrical design of raised beds grows out of a blank patch of turf­, adding beauty and productivity to the landscape.

All About Garden Sheds

Whether you have small or large garden shed plans, we offer an all-encompassing guide on your installing, building, and purchasing options, as well as designing and custom accenting your cozy workspace.

8 Uses for Wood Ash at Home and in the Garden

Don’t throw away your wood ash from your fireplace—read these tips for how to put it to good use in your home and garden.

How to Get Late-Summer Color in Your Garden

A strategic mix of annuals and perennials yields a brilliant garden when the heat is really on

12 Flowers That Bloom All Summer

If you’re looking for the best flowers that offer vibrant color all summer long, check out these dozen no-fail, flowering plants.

Fall Flowers to Plant This Autumn

Learn about standout new varieties of old favorites you can put in the ground and enjoy now, and for many seasons to come.


How to Choose and Plant Hydrangeas

Landscaping contractor Roger Cook discusses how to choose and plant hydrangeas

Guide to Creating a Living Plant Wall

Learn the basics of this burgeoning botanical trend and install a vertical garden for décor and more, indoors or out.

Versatile Vines

These fast-growing plants could be your best landscape investment this summer.

10 Best Summer Blooming Bulbs

Get these in the ground now, and they'll achieve full size and peak color in just weeks, putting on a show right through the hotter months ahead

9 Clean-Air Plants for Your Home

Learn about everyday houseplants that do double duty clearing out pollutants in your indoor air.

Beautiful Container Garden Ideas for Winter

Winter container gardening is a chance to flex your creative muscles and add visual interest to your landscaping when the growing season has paused.

How to Create a Modern Farmhouse Potting Room

Simple lines, hardworking surfaces, and natural textures combine in a functional space with a warm, earthy style. Here's how you can adopt the look it at your house.

S20 E3, Jenn Nawada discusses ground covers

18 Low-Maintenance Ground Covers for Any Type of Yard

Landscaping expert Jenn Nawada explains how ground cover plants are a creative alternative to rocks and mulch, and then tells us about some of her favorite varieties.

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Fall Garden

A fall garden is a fantastic way to extend your growing season. Here are the best vegetables to grow no matter what your zone.

Low-Maintenance Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Yard

If you’ve ever fantasized about growing a fruit tree, it’s entirely possible, even if you don’t have acres of land. A small backyard or even a pot on a balcony will do.

See this Hillside Garden Makeover in California

Decades in the making, this terraced garden offers 360-degrees of color, while providing layers of privacy from nearby neighbors and a lush habitat for visiting wildlife.

All About Groundcover

Whether you’re looking for the best low maintenance or fastest growing groundcover for your lawn, these plants offer solutions to barren spots and spaces.

Plant in Pots: Selection, Arrangement, and Care

Here are 8 tips for pot, plant, and flower combinations as well as starting your container garden.

Hanging planters

How to Make a Hanging Planter

Follow these simple directions for making an indoor DIY hanging planter.

Quick Tips on Starting Seedlings, Gardening Book Recommendations

Landscape Contractor Jenn Nawada shares her favorite seedling starter kit, as well as her go-to books on gardening.

Creating a Better Yard

Fix up the outside on every side of the house.


How to Build a Weather-Resistant Planter

Using cellular PVC trim stock for an outdoor planter gives you a flower display box that can hold up to the elements

All About Raised Garden Beds

With little more than a few boards, a shovel, and some soil, you can easily create an ideal habitat for growing vegetables in your yard.


How to Create a Vertical Garden for Small Spaces

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada installs a vertical garden to maximize space for a homeowner