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Wallpaper won't stick to plaster walls

I have a 1930's house with sand plaster and lathe walls. The foyer has been painted with an oil base paint (used to be a kitchen)and has a layer of wallpaper on it that won't stay stuck.Before applying the wallpaper, the walls were scrubbed and sized, then the paper was glued to the walls using a standard wall paper adhesive. After a short period of time, the paper began to come loose from the wall. No matter what glue was used, it won't stay stuck. On one wall, we applied a flannel type material that was glued to the wall and then the paper was glued to that material and it seemed to hold much better --- sad to say, even this material is coming unglued. I would be willing to put drywall over the existing surface, except the foyer has 5 doorways and lots of trim. Has anyone ever tried 1/8" masonite as a wallpaper base? The masonite's thin enough to not require removing the trim, but may not be a good surface to glue wallpaper onto.

Anybody got any good ideas?


Re: Wallpaper won't stick to plaster walls

I realize you're trying to manage your door trim problem if you build the wall out too much but, putting masonite on the walls????

Before I did that, I'd hang 1/4" drywall over the old walls. It'll give you a much better surface for whatever finish you decide on. Just prime the drywall and then put your finish on it. With the 1/8" masonite, you'll have a wavy wall if there are any inconsistencies, whereas the 1/4" drywall will bridge the bumps better and smooth the wall out somewhat.

Regarding the door trim, yes it will bring the wall surface out closer to the finish edge of the trim but you could come up with something that you could use to manage the surfaces. Take a look at Home Depot's trim dept and see what they have. There are a bunch of sizes, styles, and thicknesses. You should be able to come up with something. Just buy it and get a power mitre saw and be creative. It'll give you a much better job than the masonite, I believe.

Good Luck.

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