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Sealing a deck

I have received emails about a new product called floor shield. http://floor-shield-usa.com/ It sounds like it would be great on a deck, especially in Syracuse where I live and I have to reseal every two years. Have any of you guys or gals ever used it or know anything about it.

Thanks in advance.
Mark from where the snow never stops.

Re: Sealing a deck


I have no knowledge of this product, but I do have reservations.
Their website states nothing about the nature of the product. Is it an epoxy? Most epoxies that are used for garage floors are not suitable for UV exposure. Neither do they hold up if moisture is present under the floor.

Does this product breathe? The nature of deck construction is that there is no way that moisture does not work its way into the wood. What happens if the water can't respire through the finish? Does the wood quietly rot away underneath? A traditionl wood finish, by its very failure, is telling you that there is a problem!

This product apparently is high build. It states that it fills nail holes and imperfections. Again, does such a thick film breathe?

It sounds as if this product is a spin off of the products being sold as "lifetime" house coatings for siding. I have my scepticism about them too. That being said, paint and coatings have made quantum leaps in the last few years and I may just be an old fuddy-duddy doubting Thomas!

I personally would ask to see decks where the product has been on for at least two full years, especially two winters or wet seasons. Wet winters and hot summers are killers for wooden deck finishes.

Re: Sealing a deck

Thanks for the quick reply. I actually got a call from the sales rep yesterday. He clearly indicated that its not an epoxy product, it can be used right out the can, but as you indicated it does leave a thick coat on whatever surface you put it on. As he indicated it fills in all the cracks. I had not thought about the breathing issue with the wood, I suppose if you only put it on the top surface, it should be able to dry from below. Either way I am still pretty skeptical, hence my original post. Its not cheap to try either. About $115/gallon which covers about 200 sqft.

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