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Restoring wood countertops

I pulled off the 50's formica from the wooden countertops of my 108 year old home. Beautiful old wood underneath. How do I clean and preserve this treasure?

Re: Restoring wood countertops

Vilar -
I can offer some advice on what NOT to do, if that would be of any help.
We have long counters in our kitchen that are made of butcherblock. In prepping our house to sell a few years ago, we wanted to spruce up the counters since they had lots of knicks, cuts, etc and just not very attractive. A contractor sanded them down then finished them with several coats of polyurethane finish. This looked great for a month or so. However, the poly could not tolerate heat...and pretty soon the finish was full of blisters wherever anything hot had been placed on them. (Never did sell the house after all that.)
Hope this helps.

Re: Restoring wood countertops

I have the same problem. My father-in-law insisted on putting a polyurethane finish on my wood countertops when we installed them- five years later, the countertops are awful in the kitchen! Needless to say, he doesn't cook, so he probably didn't realize that the finish would not hold up to use in the kitchen.
Have any of you got any tips on removing the polyurethane finish? And is simply oiling the butcher block countertop a better bet for protecting it?

Re: Restoring wood countertops

Regardless of the finish used you should not place hot pots and pans on a wood counter top. That is what trivets are for. We have had our wood counter tops for over 25 years and other than a light sanding and a new coat of poly every 10 years or so.

Re: Restoring wood countertops

Not sure how to undertake the entire job, but be sure to finish the countertops with non-toxic butcherblock oil. There are some great products on the market (not sure what I used, there are so many to choose from).

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