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Kitchen countertop


Discover what you need to know about countertops—from material choices and installation to the pros and cons of each.

All About High-End Concrete Countertops

Considering concrete countertops for your next kitchen remodel, but not sure where to begin? Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about introducing this strong and stylish material as part of your kitchen renovation.

Kevin O’Connor shows a quartz countertop

How to Install a Quartz Countertop

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor learns how quartz countertops are manufactured and then helps install one in a homeowner’s kitchen.

How to Clean Butcher Block Surfaces

Learn how to sanitize and protect your butcher block with these easy DIY steps.

How To Paint Laminate Countertops

Skip the kitchen design center and head to the paint department for a totally new look for your laminate countertops.

Summer 2021 Ask TOH, butcher-block countertop

How to Install a Butcher Block Countertop

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert helps a couple replace their laminate countertop with butcher block. Then he demonstrates how to apply a mineral oil finish to it.

15 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Designs

Find inspiration in these stunning surfaces—some timeless, some trendy, many DIY-able!

Restoring a Butcher-Block Countertop

When wood counters lose their good looks, here’s how to make them beautiful again, and keep them looking that way


How to Choose a Countertop

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner select a new countertop

How to Make a DIY Butcher Block Countertop

Warm up the look of your kitchen with this easy-to-install surfacing.

All About Wood Countertops

From types of wood to maintenance, our experts help you weigh your options before putting in a wood kitchen countertop.

Quartz Countertops: Buying Guide, Costs, and Care

With the look of natural stone, minus the maintenance, quartz countertops give granite a run for its money.

All About Kitchen Islands

Placed at the heart of the cook space, these multipurpose units can enhance a kitchen's utility and appearance.

Kitchen Countertop Options

Read our guide to kitchen countertop options, which looks at cost, appearance, and durability in essential work surfaces.


How to Make a Concrete Countertop

Concrete countertops are gaining popularity in kitchens and bathrooms, and they also cost a fraction of what other traditional countertops cost. Kevin O’Connor explains how to make them.


Teak Island Countertop Install at the TOH Arlington Italianate Project House

Countertop manufacturer Paul Grothouse shows Norm the right way to install the new teak island top for the kitchen


Waterfall-Edge Countertop Fabrication and Install at the TOH Cambridge Project House

Norm travels to the Pennsylvania workshop of Paul Grothouse to see the dovetail key joinery of the kitchen’s waterfall-edge wood countertop, then back to Cambridge where the whole crew lends a hand getting it into the house and in place


Crafting a Teak Island Countertop for the TOH Newton Project House

Norm Abram travels to Germansville, Pennsylvania, to see how countertop fabricator Paul Grothouse is crafting a beautiful 3-inch teak island top for the house

Buying Guide for Butcher-Block Kitchen Islands

No time to build it before Thanksgiving? Pick a readymade model that works for you


How to Build Custom Concrete Countertops

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor learns how to create concrete kitchen counters


How to Build a Butcher-Block Island

Combine iron threaded pipe and butcher block to create a kitchen centerpiece.

All About Stone Countertops

The experts at This Old House explain how to find a quarried countertop that suits your home, your budget, and your cooking style


How to Make a Hypertufa Table

This rugged stuff can weather spilled drinks, sticky hands, and even harsh winters. Use it to make a versatile outdoor table that will last for years


How to Maintain a Stone Countertop

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor learns important maintenance tips from stone countertop contractor Jason Keefe


How to Build a Home Bar

From our new Hammer It Out series: Create a stately and sophisticated gathering place for mixing and serving drinks

All About Laminate

The stuff of retro 1950s kitchens is looking cool again, thanks to new patterns and vibrant colors.


How to Build a Laminate Counter

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares his secrets for fabricating a stylish new plastic-laminate kitchen countertop.

Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Searching for the right look for your next kitchen build? Here are 13 great designs to inspire and inform


How to Repair Laminate Counters

Quick tips for repairing damaged laminate counters with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva.

Butcher Block Buying Guide

Butcher block can be made out of nearly any wood—or any combination of woods—configured with its grain showing on the flat, on the edge, or on the end. Here are some of our favorite looks and colors for a kitchen accent

How to Install a Soapstone Countertop

This traditional kitchen topper is easy for a do-it-yourselfer to install

11 Ways to Save While You Splurge

Easy ways to cut costs, not corners, on some of the most high-end home-improvement projects

How to Miter Corners in a Laminate Countertop

A single cut through both layers ensures a no-gap fit