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Repainting Deck

We have two cedar decks. We were using Cabot's Decking stain, but not satisfied as it lasted one year. We are seniors with health issues, so I went to the paint department of a national chain. We were told to use Behr semi transparent which would last us 3 years. We cleaned the deck and power washed it. We let it dry for a few days (weather was windy during this time) It took about a week and before the summer was out the paint was wearing off and peeling in spots. Confused. We did everything according to directions. We found out that it was latex semi transparent - I was specific when purchasing the paint that we had been using Cabot's oil base. We just read in a magazine that once you use an oil base you should not use a latex. How are we going to remove all paint close to house - that isn't peeling at this time. Exactly what paint/stain should we be using for longevity? Retired, limited income and health issues (only one of us can work on project). Need direction.

Re: Repainting Deck


I suspect that there was still too much residual oil finish remaining for the Wate soluble Behr finish to get a good bond. If water still beads on the finish, a new coat of water soluble finish should not be attempted.

At this point, your choices are to either remove the finish through sanding or chemically stripping. The other option is to just let the Behr finish wear off.

If your deck is of cedar and relative low maintenance is a high priority, you might consider not staining at all, but just periodically clean the deck with a deck cleaner. This will keep the deck from graying while keeping mildew stains and algae at bay.

A cedar deck will last just about as long totally without a finish, as a stained deck, so long it is kept clean Staining does make the deck look pretty. Stain will protec t it when someone spills the red wine on it. Stain will retard the drying and splitting of the wood as it ages, but it will not stop it.

This is somewhat heresy, but just do a yearly cleaning and your deck will last and keep its natural wood color.
Most deck cleaners contain oxalic acid, which has been used for ages by painters to clean and brighten wood.
You probably don't want to hear the name Behr at this point, but its Two-In-One Deck Cleaner is a very good product at a reasonable price.

Using a deck cleaner is relatively little work. Just swab it on, keep it wet for about 2--30 minutes and then rinse off with a strong stream of water or a power washer. A scrubbing witha scrub brush on a broomstick will help it to. Far less work thanall the staining processes!

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