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Removing top mount sink from laminate countertop.

I am doing my own demo in our kitchen. I have a top mount Kohler cast iron-porcelain sink that is definitely work salvaging. I've tried heating the rim with a hair dryer to soften the glue (caulk?) that holds the sink in place. That is very slow and tedious. I don't care about saving the counter top as the Mrs. wants granite. Any suggestions please?

Re: Removing top mount sink from laminate countertop.

first making sure any fastners from the underside are taken loose then I use an old drywall finishing knife, and just work my way around the front and sides, then lifting up on the front I slide a piece of wood in to hold the front up a little then start lifting on a back corner and cutting it loose.

Re: Removing top mount sink from laminate countertop.

Yep ... follow havanagranite's suggestion and if that proves too difficult here's a couple of other suggestions :

  1. remove the old counter with the sink in place and work on removing it after. Sometimes it's easier to do this on the floor and you'll find those difficult under sink fasteners you couldn't see while laying on your back.
  2. [*]take out the drain from the sink . Cut a piece of 2x4 the width of the underside of the bowl . Then measure the distance from that board placed horizontal under the bowl to the bottom of the cabinet and cut another 2x4 an inch longer. Place this vertically to the board under the sink and tap in to apply upward pressure .... this should help free the sink.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Removing top mount sink from laminate countertop.

Thanks to Havanagranite and Canuk.

I had checked carefully for fasteners. There weren't any. I had already worked with putty knives yesterday from a very thin one to a heavier duty one. I applied heat to soften the adhesive and had some luck getting the thin knife in as far as the basin (past the lip). A hair dryer on hot helped some, but I could only work a few inches of the more than 100" perimeter.

Actually, I had a brainstorm after my posting. The adhesive must be water resistant. So, maybe a solvent like paint thinner might work. It did very well! I put the putty knife up to the edge of the sink and poured some thinner on top of the knife and with very little effort, the knife went in. I then wiggled it side to side and worked along the entire 32" front edge. I repeated on both sides and with a small pry bar was able to get thin plywood scraps under the one end of the sink and then the other end. The adhesive along the back broke loose and the sink is free.

The wife insists I get a neighbor to help lift it out since the sink weighs maybe 80# plus. I know I could lift it, but what the hey, he's lazy and needs a bit of exercise. ;)


Thanks! much!!

Re: Removing top mount sink from laminate countertop.

Sounds like you've got it out already but my idea was to just cut the countertop out around the sink, remove sink still stuck to countertop pieces and then work on it from the underside.

Anyway, glad to hear you go it out. Our next sink is going to be a cast iron I think. Quality, price and size can't be beat.

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