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Dishwasher under shallow countertops - don't know where to start

Sorry this is so long, hopefully providing the whole picture and specs will be helpful though:

I would like to get a dishwasher for our kitchen. Our countertops are not the standard full depth. Our house was built in 1920.

I am pretty sure the kitchen cabinets were redone at some point, maybe not, but they are not prefab, they are "homemade." The drawers just slide on wood. In fact if you flip over some of the drawers, the wood has printed markings as if it was salvaged from other purposes. It does have a laminate top (probably added later.) Inside the lower cabinets becomes more interesting. There is wood supporting the cabinet construction, but it is not uniform in placement or sizes or depths. The walls are plaster, and being in a wet environment all those years some areas have been puttied and then cracked. This is to describe that the interiors are not uniform inside. Currently of course things are clean and water tight etc. It is not as bad as it is turning out to sound now that I write this all out. It is a sweet, small house, very basic.

The issue, as I said, is that the counters are a shorter depth than standard. I would like to put in a dishwasher. It is just my husband and I so we don't need anything large. At the most 2 place settings, a few glasses and pet dishes. Fitting in 2 pot and pans would be a dream. (Just imagining a dishwasher is like a fantasy.)

I guess I can just walk into Home Depot or our local home appliance store and they can give me their "guidance." But normally when I purchase something I do alot of research online first, often even make my decision in advance that way. I don't think just walking in blind is a good way to go (good way to get ripped off in my opinion.)

But my problem is that I don't even know where to start with looking for these. I have googled for small or compact dishwashers and gotten results. But nothing very helpful. Usually they are referring to narrow, not shallow challenged spaces.

GE, for example, makes small/compact dishwashers but they are talking about narrower not shallower spaces. GE Profile

I found this Danby model, but never heard of that brand and even it is too large. The same site shows countertop models but they attach to the faucet and drain into the sink. (yuck)

We have full size GE stove and fridge on the other side of the kitchen. Normally I would purchase a good model from a well known company and do research online first. We usually get maybe not the most basic model but maybe one step up from most basic. Don't need lots of bells and whistles and also don't have tons of $$$.

• Depth of the countertop itself on the outside top is just under 21" deep
• Depth countertop/cabinet inside underneath (where the dishwasher would go) is 19"ish (the depth varies from one spot to another) I don't know how much of this depth would be dedicated to a dishwasher unit and how much extra room is needed to allow for plumbing.
• Height from just under the laminate counter top to the floor is 33"
• Width from 27" to 30" available

Fortunately, the space is right next to the kitchen sink and the plumbing is right below that area in the basement. Electric is also easily accessible. I want it to be plumbed in to the water system, not the portable kind that attaches to the kitchen sink faucet.

Could someone please just get me started in the right direction?
Is there anything online with info/advice/ratings on these?
Do these have a particular name in the industry that I need in order to search for them successfully?
Do any major name brand companies make these?
Anyone heard of this "Danby" brand?
I guess we could put in one of the 18" models and somehow account for the extra depth by breaking through the wall in back/inside cabinet (?) or by having it stick out beyond the profile of the rest of the cabinets.

Any help at all really is appreciated, I feel like I am not even sure what to ask!

Thank you!

Re: Dishwasher under shallow countertops - don't know where to start

If you have utilities in the basement (mine gets water and drains directly down to) the basement which is what you describe as possible. Mine drains into the laundry drain and gets water from the same pipe as the clothes washer. There is no law that says it must be next to, or even close to, a sink.

If you have an open end at a countertop, could you put the dishwasher (even an 18" model) in sideways so the door opens at the end of the counter?

I guess that this is like installing it at 90 degrees to normal at the end of a row of cabinets. Either lengthen the countertop or take a cabinet out.

Does this make sense?

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