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chalkboard countertops

We were recently lucky enough to purchase 4, 1/4" slate chalkboards from my former grammer school. We would like to incorporate them into a countertop and a floor for our small,half bath.
We need some information on how to work with slate, such as cutting it, (wet saw?) and smoothing and sealing it. Should I adhere two layers together so that I have a solid 1/2" surface to work with?
Any information that we can get from someone who worked with chalkboards before, would be greatly appreciated. I have seen this done before and it looks outstanding!

Re: chalkboard countertops

I have not worked with chalkboards but if it is true slate it should work like most any other natural stone. you can buy a diamond blade as most hardware stores to cut it. keeping it wet even if it says dry blade will make the blade last longer and cause less vibrations (vibrations is the biggest cause for chipping) I would probally use a layer of 3/4 inch plywood as a backer board under the slate. you can smooth it out using grinding stones you can buy the proper grinding stones at grandquartz.com followed by various grits of sand paper. make sure when grinding or sanding you use a low rpm on your grinder. also at grand quartz you can buy sealers of varying quality I use 413S. any questions and I will be glad to answer them.

Re: chalkboard countertops

I know this post is a little old, but I also know that when we were trying to figure out how to build our own counter tops out of old slate blackboards we couldn't find much information ******. I recently wrote a blog entry detailing our experience if you are interested. It is on spinnergal. blogspot. com

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