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build a closed in deck bench

Does anyone have some ideas how to build a seated bench for a deck in which I can store stuff ex: patio seat cushion etc... and that I have access to open the lid and close it. What is the best possible wood for that?;)

Re: build a closed in deck bench

Sorry I didn't catch the full episode, but the last This Old House program showed Tom Silva building an interior bench seat storage unit. All I caught was the last part when he was showing the finished work. Though I think it was on the inside and had access through a front panel that swung out from the front of the seat area, but the same general idea. Actually that's a pretty good idea if you don't want to have to bother removing seat cushions every time you want to access the storage area underneath the seat.
As far as on a deck, you didn't mention if it was a covered or exposed deck but I would think if exposed to the weather you'd want to go with marine grade plywood or exterior ply properly sealed and varnished/painted minimum. Beyond that costwise I suppose you could go with cedar or cypress - you'd want wood resistant to rot and decay when exposed to the weather.

Actually, I'm wondering if your project or something like it is somewhere on the main Ask This Old House webpage. I know they have a lot of instructional projects available there since they revamped the webpage.
Good luck.

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