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Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Blue Bathrooms

We here at This Old House happen to love blue bathrooms—which is convenient because it's probably the most common bathroom color out there. Here are 16 of our favorites

Perfect Blue

Though the whole world is wrapped in soothing cerulean sky and vibrant teal ocean, most cultures only pinned a name on blue after they had named the rest or the colors on the spectrum. That's probably because it's so ever present, it can almost escape notice. Which is why blue is also a wonderfully calming color—not in your face, just there. Perfect for the place where you most want peace and quiet: the bathroom.

We here at This Old House happen to love blue bathrooms. And we do see a lot of them; it's probably the most common bathroom color out there. So if you're thinking of going azure, indigo, sapphire or robin's egg in your favorite washroom, we've picked out some of our favorites to give you inspiration.

Aqua Bliss

Photo by Jan Warpole

A backdrop and border of aqua Penny-round tiles add cheer to an alcove for a sleek sink.

See more on how this bungalow bath came to be.

Simply Twilight

Photo by Leandra B

Twilight paint tops a classic white-and-black tile pattern, keeping a cottage bath cozy.

See before and after images of this cottage bath.

Aqua Stonework

Photo by Michael Luppino

Aqua-blue covers countertops and corrals the shower area, grounding the space's palette of sage and warm hues from the wood and tiles.

Get more background on the renovation of this spacious master bath.

Antique Feel

Photo by Mark Lund

Glacier-hued walls complement the red of the antique Chinese sink cabinet and mirror.

See more on the vintage details that give this bath its charm.

Classic Space

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

A piece of sky tops the beadboard wainscoting in this classic bath.

See the transformation of this classic bath, which was originally a bedroom.

Mirrored Beauty

Photo by Michael Jensen

Cerulean—and plenty of mirrors to reflect the optimistic shade—make for a space that will leave you bright-eyed and ready to face the day.

Read more about the architect's plan for this bath.

Muted Turquoise

Photo by Tim Imrie

Muted turquoise beadboard complement the warm-hued wood floor and brown paint on the bath's exterior. A smattering of cobalt blue bottles and marble shelves and a backsplash for the sink punch up the look while keeping it spare.

Learn more about the design of this vintage bath.

Soft Blue

Photo by Alise O'Brien

Soft walls offset the beautiful details in the bathroom's woodwork.

Check out more on this budget, spa-like retreat.

Stormy Hue

Photo by Michael Casey

A mosaic tile border and floor echo the steely shade of distant storm clouds.

See what gives this bath its vintage feel.

Victorian Vibe

Photo by Karen Melvin

Gunmetal Venetian plaster walls heighten the period detail of this Victorian-style bath.

Here's how this Victorian bath came to be.

Blue as the Sky

Photo by David Prince

Putty-hued wainscoting warms sky-colored walls. The colors together emphasize the stylized lines of the sink, toilet, and medicine cabinet.

See the homewhere this charming bath is located.

Gray Meets Blue

Photo by Helen Norman

Warm gray-blue paint and deeply veined marble bridge the way from the espresso stain of the cabinetry to the porcelain white bath and trim.

Get more details on this bath's design and the house where it's located.

Blue Delight

Photo by Mark Lund

A natural choice for a vaulted ceiling reaching skyward.

See more about the paneling used in this traditional bath.

Elegant Floral

Photo by Simon Whitmore/IPC Images

A classic floral wallpaper in seafoam, patterned after Chinese porcelain, contrasts with the modernity of the room's clean lines (only try wall covering in a very well-ventilated bathroom).

Get more details on this bathroom's stunning wallpaper.

Crisp Periwinkle

The brightness of crisp white beadboard wainscoting and Carrara marble vanity top balanced by swaths of medium periwinkle.

Read more about how the owner of this bath upgraded it on a budget.

Pale Blue

A pale hue keeps the focus on the unusual structure of this old-school bath.

Read more on the color combinations used in this bath.