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Un-Boring Baths

Does the color beige enrage you? Are you bored by the soft, muted hues so often used to decorate bathrooms? Well here's the antidote: a collection of our favorite bold and bright bathrooms—pulled together just for you. So, if you feel that powder blue has no place in a powder room, read on, and get ideas for your own cheery washrooms.

Candy Stripes

Photo by Alise O'Brien

Cubbies painted in cheerful hues and tutti-frutti wallpaper take this bath from neutral to nirvana.

Check out other bright elements in this kids' bath makeover.

Balancing Act

Photo by Bruce Buck

Sunny wainscoting topped with bold eggplant give the space a dynamic feel.

Learn how to incorporate more color into your powder room with these 21 thrifty bath upgrades.

Spring Fever

Walls the color of the first shoot of grass spreads joy, while also emphasizing the red-hued woodwork.

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Lavender and Honey

Photo by Lisa Romerein

Purple and gold might sound like an outlandish combination that only Prince would dare, but pick the right hues and your space will be bright but not overbearing.

These budget bath ideas will help you transform your bath into a luxury hotel-worthy sanctuary.

A Heady Elixir

Photo by Stephen Karlisch

Punch up a classic bath with a slug of red paint, also used as an accent in the floor tiles. The color casts a subtle but uplifting hue on the complexion.


Walls and a window blind in chartreuse—yellow mixed with enough black to make it edgy, sets off the neoclassical Greek-key motif.

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Brighten Up and Bring it Back with Tiles

Hand-painted gold-and-blue tile work pay homage to this 111-year-old Southwestern adobe's rustic heritage.

A Space That's Chill, But Not Too Cool

Photo by Leandra B

This isn't your basic blue. Periwinkle, which contains some red, adds verve and warmth to this bathroom—but not so much that it loses its cool.

These remodels are the cream of the crop from our reader bath projects.

A Gutsy Duo

Photo by Fritz Van Der Schulenburge/The Interior Archive

Art Deco tilework in corn-on-the-cob yellow and deepest sea blue make this bathroom a standout.

Easily add some vintage style to your bath with this TOH editor-created primer on three timeless styles.

Looking Sharp

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

Crimson reinforces the crispness of the faceted black-and-white tilework and the windowpane.

See more of this gorgeous 1930s art deco revamp.

Lively Stripes

Photo by Jürgen Frank

Enliven a tiny bath with a colorful pattern of glass tiles pre-mounted on mesh screens. The horizontal positioning of the tiles and the silvery strips in the tub surround make the space feel bigger.

Check out all the details in this vibrant shoebox bath.

Warm and Rosy

Photo by Dominic Blackmore/IPC Images

Paint the exterior of a cast-iron bath in a cheery hue of your choosing. Here, the red on the tub picks up where it left off in the curtains and wallpaper. Green complements the whole affair.

Outside In

Photo by Jan Warpole

Azure penny tiles and a pale-blue cabinetry pull the sky right into this space.

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Make it Juicy

Photo by Olson Photographic

This zingy red-grapefruit hue will put such a spring in your step each morning, you may find yourself skipping the double mochaccino latte.

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A Field of Flowers

Photo by Amanda Turner/Gap Interiors

Make beautiful paneling pop with a coat of daffodil-colored paint.

Universally Flattering

Photo by Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Many a makeup artist will tell you that a touch of apricot flatters any complexion, so why not apply that idea to your powder room? Every time you look in the mirror, you'll see a lit-from-within glow.

Take our cues about these hues that lift your mood.

Exuma In a Room (Ah!)

Photo by Deborah Whitlaw-Llewellyn

This bath takes its cue from tropical, turquoise waters. Like a splash in the Caribbean Sea, it soothes and invigorates.

Blue isn't the only color in this home. The cottage is green too.

Look to Nature

Photo by Deborah Whitlaw-Llewellyn

Nature isn't bashful with color: Here, bright gingko leaves decorate one wall, and inform the paint hue for another.

Nothing But Blue Skies

Photo by Michael Jensen

Try painting your bath cerulean and cloud white, then expand your horizons further by covering an entire wall with a mirror.

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The Bath Aquatic

Courtesy National Kitchen & Bath Association

Fancy yourself a mermaid (or merman)? Submerge yourself in waves of blue tile.

Relax like you're in a spa with these zen bath decor elements.

Go Deep

Courtesy National Kitchen & Bath Association

Terra-cotta walls and clove-colored wood paneling add richness and depth.

Warmth and Light

Photo by Taylor and Julie S

Make a bath cozy with a warm color, but keep it light so the space still feels airy.

TOH readers did it themselves when it came to these impressive bath remodels.

Color Within Reach

Photo by Lisa Romerein

Fallen in love with a colorful tile that's beyond your budget? Consider using a smattering of it against a field of standard neutral tiles.

Add a Twist of Lime

Photo by Paul Whicheloe

A tangy spritz of color enlivens a grand classic bath, steering it clear of cookie-cutter mode.

Check out these 28 budget ways to refresh your bath if a whole room redo isn't in your budget.

Quick Fix

Photo by Olson Photographic

Punch up a tame interior with a ring of standard tiles in a medley of cheery hues.