BBB Rating: A+
Best For: Best High-Efficiency System
American stands out for its sustainability and high efficiency
  • BBB rating: A+
  • Year founded: 2007
  • State availability: 50 states, but varies by ZIP code
  • Warranty: 25-year system, workmanship, equipment add-ons, and production
  • Payment options: Full purchase, solar loan, solar lease, PPA
  • Manufactures its own solar storage systems and EV chargers
  • Offers some of the most high-efficiency solar panel systems available
  • Provides nationwide availability
  • Limits its solar accessory catalog to SunPower products only
  • More expensive than other solar companies

Sunpower only installs panels from its manufacturing partner, Maxeon. In addition solar installations, SunPower services include the following:

  • SunPower solar backup batteries
  • Electric vehicle (EV) chargers
  • System monitoring
  • Multiple solar panel options

SunPower is a pioneer in the solar industry with nearly 40 years of experience. It’s regarded as one of the top solar companies worldwide. Its solar panels are produced by Maxeon, its former manufacturing division that spun out into a separate company in 2019. These panels are considered the most energy-efficient on the market. SunPower pairs them with its own custom, high-end solar products to ensure you get maximum output and savings from your system. 

Continue reading to learn more about SunPower’s services and financing options to determine whether it’s the best solar company for your home.

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Our Take on SunPower

SunPower offers customized solar systems using Maxeon monocrystalline solar panels for homes. Known for their sustainability and high efficiency, these panels convert more sunlight than the typical solar system. SunPower maximizes the performance and output of its solar systems by manufacturing its own components and storage options; each aspect is designed to work better together.

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SunPower Solar Services and Panel Options

SunPower installs high-efficiency solar panels made by Maxeon. The panels produce more energy than others on the market, thanks to their smooth surface and anti-reflective coating. Their copper backing and heat-responsive connectors also make them more durable.

SunPower has streamlined its custom solar systems for peak performance by eliminating third-party components. The SunPower Equinox System uses fewer panels than standard solar systems, creating a minimalist design for your home. This system works well for homeowners with limited space on their roofs or customers hoping to keep the number of solar panels they use to a minimum.

SunPower sells its own solar battery, the SunVault Storage System, with each installation. Customers can add the optional Wallbox electric vehicle (EV) charger to their system. 

SunPower solar panels typically cost more than other brands on the market. EnergySage estimates that the company’s panels average between $3.12 and $3.74 per watt versus a national average around $2.77 per watt. 

SunPower App

The mySunPower app allows customers to monitor their system and solar batteries right from their phones. The app provides details about your current energy usage, the solar battery’s level, and past usage history. 

The app includes weather updates that help you stay ahead of low sunlight conditions. Customers can also see the charge remaining in their battery, ensuring they can prepare for low-energy time frames or an unexpected power outage.

SunPower Installation Process

SunPower offers several convenient digital options to help streamline the installation process for potential customers.

  1. Online design preview: The SunPower Design Studio lets you preview what your home would like with a solar power system. You will also receive details about how solar technologies can benefit your home. This step is optional. 
  2. Free online estimate: Homeowners begin the official installation process by filling out the form on SunPower’s website for a free quote. After providing your home information and current energy needs, SunPower shares your estimated savings if you were to go solar with the company.  
  3. Virtual consultation: SunPower offers the convenience of a virtual consultation with one of its solar experts. You will review the options available for your home and take part in designing your ideal solar panel installation. 
  4. Contracts and permits: Once you agree to the proposal from your consultation, SunPower begins the paperwork for your installation. The company will ensure you have all the necessary permits and approvals in place before construction begins. 
  5. Solar installation: The company works with Master Dealers that execute installations on its behalf throughout the country. These dealers have passed a very selective, invite-only process to ensure they’re among the most qualified solar technicians. The installation takes a day to complete, though it could take longer for more complex solar systems. 
  6. Final inspections and activation: The completed home solar system must pass inspections by your utility company and the city to verify that all aspects are up to code. Once your system passes all inspections, your system will be activated.

Pros and Cons of SunPower

Pros Manufactures its own solar storage systems and EV chargers Offers some of the most high-efficiency solar panel systems available Provides nationwide availability
Cons Limits its solar accessory catalog to SunPower products only More expensive than other solar companies

SunPower Reviews

SunPower is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but its headquarters page does not have a rating. Some companies don’t have a rating on the BBB due to changes in its structure or a lack of data to provide one. Other SunPower locations, such as its Richmond, California, location, have an A+ rating.* Most reviews are positive, but even the best companies have some negative reviews. Here’s a sample of the reviews we analyzed:

“We [are] finally up & running! We researched 3 other companies & are very satisfied with SunPower solar panels. They weren’t the cheapest or most expensive but seems to be the job as expected. No complaints.” — Mark E., May 14, 2021, on BBB

“I was having a connection issue with my solar system, so I reached out to the company that installed my system and ran into a problem with them that I thought was unfair. I could not resolve the issue with them so I reached out to [SunPower, and they were] able to resolve the issue right away. [SunPower] was very professional, [the team] listened to what I had to say, and [it] took action to resolve the issue. Thank you.” — Willie, May 6, 2021, on BBB

“Does the system work? Yes. But if it breaks you’ve got a 25yr warranty right? Yeah, well you do but you end up waiting weeks to months to have anything fixed … Found out my system wasn’t communicating. I was going out of town for a week so I figured they would call, if not I’d call them when back in town. A week later still no call. I call them and basically told me they don’t actually monitor the monitoring system. Placed a work order to have it repaired. Weeks later still nothing.” — Willia M., May 31, 2023, on BBB

“Following their admission of fault in the solar panel installation, SunPower sent me a confirmation email and asked me to provide a repair quote from a company of my choosing to address the resulting internal damages. Despite submitting the quote over a month ago, I have not received approval from them yet.” — Raoul D, May 8, 2023, on BBB

*BBB information is accurate as of June 2023.

SunPower Payment Options

Three financing options are available. Each option includes the 25-year warranty:

  • Full price purchase: Customers can pay the total price of their solar system, owning it immediately.
  • Solar loan: If you want to own your system but make smaller payments over time, you can take out a loan with SunPower. The company offers $0 down and a set monthly payment during your contract. 
  • Solar lease: Homeowners looking to pay for solar energy but not own the system outright should select the option to lease. You can start the lease agreement with a fixed monthly payment and no deposit. If you sell your home with an active lease, you can transfer your agreement to the new homeowner.

Selecting either the full payment or loan will qualify you to claim any solar incentives. Solar incentives help reduce the overall cost of your solar panels, making your move to a home solar system more affordable. 

SunPower Warranty Options

SunPower offers a comprehensive Complete Confidence Warranty including 25 years of coverage for defects, workmanship, and performance for your entire system. SunPower guarantees an output of 92% throughout the warranty. Any issues that arise will be repaired for free. SunPower also provides a 10-year warranty for its SunVault battery storage system and its monitoring software. Both warranties are included in the comprehensive warranty.

SunPower State Availability

SunPower services most areas in all 50 states, including popular solar states such as California, Texas, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, and Arizona. Customers can search the company’s website by ZIP code to find the closest provider in their area.

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Compare SunPower to Other Solar Providers

See how SunPower compares to other top-rated solar companies in the table below. 

ProviderSunPower SolarPalmetto SolarSunpro Solar
Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery back-up installationSolar panel installation and battery back-upSolar panel and battery back-up installation
Service AreasNationwideArizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, TexasArkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas
Panels OfferedSunPower MaxeonLG, Silfab, YingliLG
Warranty Length25-year power production, panel, inverter, and labor warranty25-year output warranty25-year power production, panel, inverter, and labor warranty
Payment OptionsBuy, finance, leaseBuy, finance, lease, power purchase agreementBuy, finance, lease

Is Solar Worth it?

Solar panels are worth it for most homeowners. Going solar gives you unlimited access to clean energy, meaning you rely less on expensive fossil fuels and reduce your monthly energy bills. Solar energy also increases your home’s value by roughly $15,000.

Though solar is expensive, costs have reduced significantly over the past few years. We recommend paying for your system in full or taking out a solar loan, as this makes you the system owner and qualifies you for solar incentives that reduce costs further.

Solar Incentives and Rebates

Both federal and state governments have been increasing their solar tax incentive programs. One of the most common programs is net-metering. These programs allow you to send excess energy your system generates to the power grid in exchange for credits on your monthly energy bills, saving you more money. You can even profit from a net-metering program, depending on your energy consumption habits. 

The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is another popular incentive. This provides a deduction on your federal taxes equal to 30% of your solar panel installation costs.

Our Conclusion

SunPower provides an optimized solar power system designed for efficiency. With its 25-year comprehensive warranty and the addition of an EV charger, homeowners can invest in an all-inclusive solar project guaranteed to last for years. Although SunPower is more expensive than other solar companies, investing in high-quality, efficient solar panels ensures your system will generate the maximum amount of solar energy for your home.

Before committing to a company, homeowners should research several potential solar installers to ensure they get the best options, benefits, and pricing to meet their individual needs.

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FAQs About SunPower

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team is committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. After over a thousand hours of research on solar companies, interviews with experts, and common customer needs, we’ve created a detailed rating system for solar providers based on six factors:

  • Solar equipment, installation, and services (25%)
  • Warranty and performance guarantees (25%)
  • Brand reputation and certifications (15%)
  • Financing options (15%)
  • Experience (10%)
  • Availability (10%)

Total scores are divided by 20 for a final 5-point rating scale.

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