Sunergy Systems installs solar panels for homeowners and businesses throughout Washington’s Puget Sound area. The company provides transparent pricing information and specific financing details on its website to help customers make an informed decision before selecting a system. Keep reading to learn about Sunergy Systems installation, pricing, and warranties to decide if the company is the best solar provider for you.

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Is Sunergy Worth It?

Sunergy Systems provides Seattle and its surrounding areas with reliable solar panel installation protected by comprehensive warranties. The company’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and flexible payment plans make it a solid choice for a local solar provider.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Sunergy below.

Pros and Cons of Sunergy

Partners with lending agencies to provide customers with three solar financing optionsOnly serves Washington state’s Puget Sound region
Protects system installation with four warrantiesDoesn’t offer customers the option of a power purchase agreement (PPA)
Employs installation professionals who are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)

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Sunergy Systems Solar Panel Installation

Sunergy Systems parses out each step of the installation process online, including:

  1. Establishment of an energy use profile—Sunergy will evaluate and analyze a year’s worth of your electric bills to determine your home’s unique energy needs. The information collected is used to estimate your potential solar savings.
  2. Solar system design—Sunergy will design a system that meets the energy needs of your home and maximizes your potential savings.
  3. Solar proposal—Your Sunergy technician will prepare a package of solar financing and system options to present during your solar consultation.
  4. Solar consultation—Sunergy Systems will conduct either an in-person or virtual consultation to assess your roof’s infrastructure and its exposure to sunlight before presenting you with up to four system designs.
  5. Site survey—Once you approve and sign your custom solar proposal, a surveyor will finalize your system layout.
  6. Final installation approval—Sunergy Systems will file for the necessary permits before the start of your project.
  7. Installation—Sunergy will begin construction after the permits are acquired. Typically, construction lasts less than a week.
  8. Inspection—After installation, the company will schedule all of the necessary inspections. Once your system is approved, it can begin generating solar power.
  9. Customer care—Sunergy Systems will inform you of your system’s warranties and instructions once it’s operational.

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Sunergy Systems Purchasing Plans

Sunergy Systems partners with lending agencies in Washington to deliver customers three financing options: solar cash, solar loan, or solar lease.

Comparison of Sunergy System Payment Options

ProviderSolar CashSolar LoanSolar Lease
DescriptionSolar cash allows customers to forgo monthly payments and pay for their system in full.Solar loan customers pay a fixed monthly payment and an interest rate with the option of a 10-, 15-, or 20-year term.Signing a solar lease allows customers to pay a set monthly fee for solar energy over 10 years.
CostFull cost of systemSet monthly paymentsSet monthly payments
ProsImmediate return on investment, increase in property value, and available tax incentivesZero money down, zero payments for the first 90 days, and three term optionsCustomers don’t pay for installation
ConsRequires a one-time payment equal to the full cost of the systemCalls for monthly payments that include a set interest rateCustomers don’t own their system, have no choice in installed equipment, and forfeit potential tax incentives

Note: Sunergy discourages the solar lease option because of its termination fees, use of sub-standard solar equipment, and undisclosed terms and conditions.

Types of Solar Panels Offered by Sunergy

Sunergy Systems installs SunPower and Silfab systems for its customers and is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer.


Sunergy is an experienced SunPower installer and has installed more than 2,000 SunPower systems. It uses the company’s solar modules because of the module’s high-energy production, efficiency, and 25-year product and performance warranty.

Silfab Solar

Silfab Solar is an experienced solar module manufacturer that Sunergy uses during installation because of the company’s reliability, performance, 25-year product workmanship warranty, and 30-year performance warranty.


Sunergy is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and offers its customers a solar battery with 13.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) storage capacity.

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Sunergy Systems Solar Clad Warranty

In addition to the warranties provided by solar module manufacturers, Sunergy Systems offers a SolarClad warranty that contains four system protections.

  1. 10-year SolarClad workmanship warranty—The company troubleshoots all system problems that arise due to its workmanship.
  2. 10-year equipment replacement labor warranty—If your system fails, this warranty covers the cost of installation and equipment.
  3. 10-year 110% performance guarantee—This warranty guarantees a set amount of system production over 10 years. If your system doesn’t meet standards, Sunergy reimburses 110% of the lost electric bill savings and incentive revenue.
  4. 10-year performance verification service—This service promises 24/7 performance monitoring and quarterly system verification.

Our Conclusion

Sunergy Systems is an experienced local solar installer that provides customers with a structured installation process backed by its SolarClad warranty. Although the company only services Washington state, its use of trusted solar equipment allows the company to compete with nationwide providers.

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Compare Sunergy to Other Solar Providers

ProviderSunergyADT Solar (formerly Sunpro Solar)Tesla
Solar servicesSolar panel and battery back-up installationSolar panel and battery back-up installationSolar panel and battery sales and installation
Service areasWashingtonArkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, TexasNationwide (installation availability varies by zip code)
Panels offeredSunpower and SilfabLGTesla
Warranty length10-year SolarClad warranty25-year power production, panel, inverter, and labor warranty25-year performance guarantee
Payment optionsBuy, finance, leaseBuy, finance, leaseBuy, finance, solar subscription

Sunergy Overview

  • Company name: Sunergy Systems Inc.
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Ali Mehmud
  • Years in business: 10
  • Address: 4546 Leary Way Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107
  • Phone: 206-278-7648
  • Website:

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