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How to Repair Vinyl Siding

In this how-to video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva replaces damaged vinyl siding

How to Repair Stucco

Read these steps for repairing cracked and buckled cement-plaster siding.

Patching Wood Siding

For great results, handle those fragile clapboards with care

From the Ground Up: Roofing and Siding

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how he installs roofing and siding to keep a house buttoned up and dry.

For the Love of Vinyl Siding

Look beyond the never-to-be-settled debate over siding's merits/sins. It's an affordable, energy-conscious update. It can even look good.

Replacing Corner Boards

Trade weather-beaten wood trim for a lower-maintenace alternative.

Selecting a Cedar Shingle

Red or white? Re-shingling their house in Manchester, the McCues have ended up with the best of both colors.

How to Hang Clapboard Siding

Tom Silva's step-by-step method for hanging clapboard to keep it level and watertight.

Why Is My Paint Peeling?

Bad paint jobs can happen to good people with old houses — even when they listen faithfully to everything the paint salesman tells them. The reason is a surprising revelation about the compatibility of oil and latex paints.

How to Repair Water-Damaged Siding

Replace water-damaged siding with fiber cement