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S43 E28: New Vision

The homeowners begin to demo, and the architect shares his plan for the home. Then, Richard learns about the Saratoga springs. The yard is protected against construction, and an air remediation system is installed.

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In this episode:

Work is underway inside the 1864 Saratoga Springs home.

The homeowners put in sweat equity and begin to demo but stop when they encounter funky framing. Tom Silva explains the framing issues and lends a hand with the demo.

Unlike the front of the home, which is in pretty good shape, out back is a different story. Kevin O’Connor meets with architect Matt Hurff to discuss his plans to solve the problem of the hodgepodge of additions built over the seven generations.

At the High Rock Springs, Richard Trethewey meets with historian Ken Chaisson to learn more about the springs and how water became carbonated.

Back at the house, Jenn Nawada and the homeowners Evan and Whitney begin transplanting the 100-year-old peonies, removing a retaining wall and pavers to protect against construction.

Inside, builder Matt Whitbeck installs an air remediation system to keep the house safe for his crew and Susan, who plans to stay put during construction.

Original Air Date: May 5, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 28 23:42

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