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S43 E27: Tour of Saratoga Springs

The team is starting a new project in Saratoga Springs, NY. They meet the homeowners and the builder and learn about the plans for the 1864 home, including reconstructing the additions and creating an open floor plan.

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In this episode:

The team is starting a new project in Saratoga Springs, NY, a city famous for its springs and home to America’s oldest sporting venue.

Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor meet homeowners Evan, Whitney, and Evan’s mother, Susan. In the family now for seven generations, the home was built in 1864 as a single-family, then expanded and cobbled together, creating a three-family dwelling between 1918 and 1920.

Plans for the home include reconstructing the additions, bringing it up to livable conditions, and creating an open floor plan.

Kevin gets a tour from Evan and Whitney, and Susan gives Tom a tour of her apartment, which will be made smaller allowing more space for Evan and Whitney. Richard Trethewey locates the original bathroom drain system and a 150-year-old furnace in the basement.

Jenn Nawada gets a tour of the yard, which serves as a neighborhood ice rink during the winter. She discusses ways to protect the 100-year-old peonies and Victory Garden grapevine and arbor from heavy construction.

Then, Tom and Kevin meet the builder, Matt Whitbeck.

Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2022, Season 43; Ep. 27 23:42

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