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Lighting Videos

These This Old House videos showcase all of our lighting projects, how-tos, and designs.

S20 E25, Heath Eastman discusses LED lighting

LED Light Bulbs 101

Master electrician Heath Eastman enlightens host Kevin O’Connor on everything he needs to know about LED bulbs.


How to Safely Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

In this DIY Smarts, This Old House Master Electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner safely install a variety of Christmas lights.

Smart light switch

Building Breakthroughs: Smart Light Switches

TOH smart home tech expert Ross Trethewey teaches a new trade apprentice how retrofitting new smart lighting systems into old houses provides more user control, energy savings, and peace of mind.


Early American Lighting | North Shore Farmhouse

Up in Rupert, Vermont, homeowner Bill shows off handcrafted reproductions of period light fixtures