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How to Install a Gas Lantern

Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey travels to St. Louis to install a gas lantern on an original 1890s home in a historic neighborhood.

Gas Lantern Installation Steps:

  1. Start by determining the location for the lantern. A few things to consider for placement include how to get access to the space behind the wall, the proximity of the gas line/gas meter, and how close it can be to the entry door.
  2. Shut the gas off.
  3. Drill a hole in the wall to accept the gas line.
  4. Fish the copper gas line down through the hole and into the location where it can be tied into the gas line.
  5. Fish the copper line through the lantern bracket and mount it to the wall. Do this before making any gas connections to ensure there is enough slack in the line.
  6. Mount the lantern to the bracket and make the gas connections there.
  7. Head towards the main gas line and the other end of the copper line.
  8. Cut into the gas line and add the appropriate fittings and connections until the line is secure.
  9. Turn the gas back on and test for leaks.
  10. Purge the line near the lantern by opening it up until a steady stream of gas comes through.
  11. To light it, open the gas valve and light a match. The lantern will stay lit as long as the gas line remains open.


Only licensed professionals should work on gas lines. Since Richard is licensed in Massachusetts, not Missouri, he partnered up with Spire Energy, a local gas utility in St. Louis.

The lantern Richard installed is a French Quarter copper gas lantern with a gooseneck mount, which is manufactured by Bevolo Gas and Electric Lights.

All the other materials required for the installation, including the ¼-inch copper gas line and the corresponding fittings can all be found at home centers and plumbing supply houses.

Expert assistance with this segment was also provided by Bach Construction, Inc. in Cedar Hill, Missouri.

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