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Early American Lighting | North Shore Farmhouse

Up in Rupert, Vermont, homeowner Bill shows off handcrafted reproductions of period light fixtures

For the second half of the 2015–2016 season, the North Shore Farmhouse, This Old House TV followed a young couple as they created their dream home—not by renovating an old structure, but by choosing a 19th-century-style farmhouse from a catalog.

It all started when urban dwellers April and Bill Harb grew tired of the lack of space and privacy in their Boston-area condo and turned their attention to the suburbs. They loved the look of old farmhouses, but having both grown up in new houses, they shared a desire for a house with new amenities. "We want something unique, special, with architectural detail," says Bill. Adds April: "But we are turned off by the lack of character of most new homes."

This segment originally aired in "Up On the Roof," Episode 21, Season 27 of This Old House TV