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S15 E13: Wall-mounted Tool Chest

Norm builds his version of a hanging storage chest for the hand tools he regularly uses


S15 E12: French Side Table

Made of dark hardwood, probably walnut, this single drawer French-style side table is straightforward to make; even the curved legs are easily managed in a well-equipped shop

An American Craftsman

Everything Sam Maloof touches — every chair, every table, every cabinet, every rafter, every molding, every window, every door, every latch — reveals his genius


S15 E11: Painted Corner Hutch

Made of poplar and fashioned with interesting detail, this corner cupboard can be painted to match any decor


S15 E10: Regency Headboard

Norm builds a headboard out of mahogany that will lend substance and elegance to a simple metal frame with a mattress and box spring


S15 E6: Beveled Glass Cupboard

Painted a glistening white and conveniently sized for limited space, this beveled glass display cupboard is a winner


S15 E4-5: Cigar Chair – Parts 1-2

Norm cuts the leather using patterns and tackles the padding and other steps before showing his new-found skill at applying the rich looking leather to the Cigar Chair's frame


S15 E3: Queen Anne Table

Woodworkers will enjoy the challenge of building this Queen Anne heirloom of tomorrow


S15 E2: Sheep-shearing Coffee Table

Made of recycled pine, this unusual coffee table is easy to make and comes with a good stor

Fixing Loose Hinge Holes

Stopping the wiggle in your cabinet doors

Fast Fix for Blistered Veneer

A simple repair for a blemished surface