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Keep Your Yard Cool

Photo by Les and Dave Jacobs/Cultura/Getty

Don't let stifling temps force you from your yard. If a shade tree or an awning can't provide enough relief, consider one of these increasingly popular high-powered coolers.

High-Velocity Blower Fan (from $30)

Photo by Ben Pipe Photography/Garden Picture Library/Getty

A rugged housing allows its blades to rotate at very fast speeds for a powerful breeze, and a built-in ground-fault circuit interrupter means it's safe to use outside.

Evaporative Cooler (from $159)

Photo by Courtesy of Port-A-Cool

This device draws in hot air and chills it by blowing it through a wet filter or pad. The unit needs a fresh, dry air supply to work efficiently, so leave 2 feet of clearance all around it to prevent cooled air from recirculating.

High-Pressure Misting System (from $999)

Photo by Courtesy of Amazon

Perforated tubes, mounted at the perimeter of a covered seating area and connected to a water supply, release a fog-like mist that absorbs heat from the air. You must aim the perforations away from the structure for the system to work properly.