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How to Set Up a Beehive

Ask This Old House’s Roger Cook takes you through everything you need to plan and install a beehive in your backyard or a field near your home.

Steps for Setting Up a Beehive

  1. Consider hiring a professional beekeeper if you feel you need help.
  2. Place cinderblocks on the ground to keep the hive dry and out of any rainwater.
  3. Place the baseboard on top of the blocks.
  4. Place the Langstroth bee box on the bottom board.
  5. Hang the new ‘frames’ by the rabbit ears.
  6. Hang the older, pre-started frames from another hive.
  7. Spray your 3-lb bee package with sugar water, coating the bees.
  8. Remove the Queen cage, take out the plug and hang the Queen box in the middle of the frames with the candy-side facing down.
  9. Don protective clothing and pour the bees into the box of frames.
  10. Use a Bee brush to gently brush the bees off the top of the frames and into the hive.
  11. Place the inner cover on top of the box.
  12. Add the internal feeder and fill with a mixture of a pound of sugar to one pint of water. You’ll need roughly a gallon.
  13. Place the internal cover and external cover on the hive to protect the bees.
  14. Put a rock on the top to make sure the cover stays on.
  15. Leave the bee package next to the hive so any remaining bees can find their way to the hive
  16. In a month, add another bee box layer with frames as the hive grows.

Tools and Materials